Welcome to Cafe Con Leche Republicans!

cafe con leche republicansWelcome to Cafe Con Leche Republicans! We’re a diverse group of Republicans who believe America and the Republican Party in particular need to become much more welcoming to immigrants. Read our mission statement, guiding principles, and meet our leadership team!

The current climate for all immigrants is becoming more hostile by the day, which is not healthy for anybody. We believe the Republican Party is missing an opportunity to attract many conservative or moderate voters who are immigrants or members of groups with a high percentage of immigrants, such as Hispanics and Asians.

Cafe Con Leche Republicans’ values are Republican and we SUPPORT the Republican Party. We dislike much of the recent rhetoric about immigration, and solutions that emphasize enforcement without addressing the core problem, which is a legal immigration system that has not kept up with U.S. demographics. This disconnect has resulted in legal immigration quotas severely disconnected with our economy’s needs for workers, at both ends of the skills spectrum.

Our nation’s problem with illegal immigration is an economic problem, not an enforcement problem. The current emphasis on “enforcement on steroids” is not a solution, and only harms American businesses that need unskilled labor, businesses that need highly skilled professionals, as well as immigrant families that are literally being ripped apart.

It’s not practical nor economically viable to deport 11 million undocumented immigrants. We deport about 400,000 immigrants per year now and the immigration legal system is strained to keep up with the case load. Legal immigrants wait far too long to immigrate to the U.S., and low quotas for highly skilled professionals result in exporting jobs overseas when U.S. companies can’t get these workers they need. For example, the number of foreign graduate students who received advanced degrees each year exceeds the number of guest worker visas for highly skilled professionals. The result is we educate the best and brightest from other nations, then kick them out, and they go home and help foreign competitors compete against U.S. companies.

We don’t believe the Republican Party or even most tea party groups have been “hijacked” by nativists, and in fact a recent PEW Research study shows that a MAJORITY of Republicans support immigration reform, including a path to legalization. The political processes that nominate candidates and determine party platforms are democratic, and anyone who identifies with a political party can have a voice. Why give up that voice?

Leaving the Republican Party is NOT a viable solution. While we fully respect those who choose to leave the Republican Party and understand their disgust at the anti-immigrant rhetoric. In our opinion they are losing their voice and will have even less influence over the Republican Party as an outsider. The way to address harsh rhetoric and “enforcement on steroids” is to ‘jump in the ring’ and fight it out with Nativists and those who pander to Nativists, through participation in the political process such as endorsement conventions and primary elections, engagement and education of those who don’t share our views, and exposing nativists and their phony statistics, lies, and myths.

We won’t hesitate to call out Nativists who burrow their way into the Republican Party and tea party movement, while pointing out only a small minority of Republicans are truly Nativists or politicians who pander extensively to Nativists. Most Republicans, including most who oppose immigration reform are decent compassionate individuals, who have been misled by the true villains, who are the Nativists and population control progressives who spread their propaganda to drive a wedge between Americans and immigrants, and make American a less welcoming place for immigrants.