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E-Verify’s fatal problems

Undocumented Economists say we need E-Verify to stop the huge cost of “amnesty”. In fact, Without E-Verify, there probably is no other strategy for reducing our undocumented immigrant population. But E-Verify doesn’t stop “amnesty”. Which is fortunate because “amnesty” gives citizens more than it takes. Meanwhile, E-Verify may cost us everything. Here are E-Verify problems […]

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Can Ann Coulter Pass the Citizenship Test?

by Bob Quasius – I can’t count how many times I’ve heard the complaint that immigrants are given citizenship without having to learn English or understand America. Those who make comments like this clearly are uninformed about naturalization and have no idea what prospective new citizens must go through to win their citizenship. Proving English […]

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Labels: enemies of immigration solutions

By Dave Leach <> What if there exists, somewhere out there, a win-win immigration solution that would equally bless citizens and immigrants? What if it mixes elements previously labeled as “conservative” with details thought to be “liberal”, “amnesty”, or “reform”, and entirely new details? What if this solution is the kind of idea God would […]

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OBAMA: Stop Attacking Elderly U.S. Citizen Latinos in Texas

by Linda Vega (re-posted with permission of the author and Latinos Ready to Vote) Being an American citizen is one of the most powerful manifestations of our constitutional tradition as a nation and as a government.  The constitutional rights and obligations reserved strictly for citizens have made many want to die to protect our nation, […]

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