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Spanish Enriches Our Idiom

By Raoul Lowery Contreras – Hola, como esta usted? Donde esta la biblioteca? Everyone who took high school Spanish knows those phrases. They are probably all they recognize from their teen-age efforts to learn one the three most-spoken languages in the world. Almost everyone knows how to order tacos, fajitas and jalapenos; almost everyone can […]

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Pro-immigrant GOP Group Slams Ann Coulter for Anti-Latino Bigotry

For Immediate Release – An Open Letter to Ann Coulter: (en español) Marshall, MN – We demand an immediate apology for your latest anti-Latino and anti-immigrant rant titled “America Nears el Tipping Pointo.” Also please stop referring to yourself as a conservative and an expert on liberals. Hatred of minorities and immigrants is not a […]

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cafe con leche republicans

Do Today’s Immigrants Refuse to Learn English?

Do Today’s Immigrants Refuse to Learn English? One of the most prolific myths by Nativists is the claim immigrants refuse to learn English or assimilate. Somehow we are expected to believe that today’s immigrants are different than yesterday’s. Historically every new crop of immigrants has struggled with the English language. It turns out this same […]

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