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Donald Trump

The Real Threat to America Is Not Immigrants, but Ourselves

By Marian L. Tupy and Alex Nowrasteh – Donald Trump’s ascendancy in the race for the GOP’s presidential nomination has placed immigration in the center of our political discourse. Writing in defense of Trump’s anti-immigrant views, Pat Buchanan, himself an erstwhile GOP presidential candidate, warned, “Will the West endure or disappear by the century’s end as […]

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ann coulter adios america

Adios America! Viva America!

By Raoul Lowery Contreras – The word multiculturalism is an anathema to many Americans because it is misapplied and badly defined by the people who object to it and its use. In California, some object to the statewide school requirement that Spanish be taught in the 4th grade. Others object to bilingual language education in […]

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