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Appeal to Cruz

Appeal to Cruz To: two staffers for Senator Ted Cruz’ run for President Thank you for offering to get a response from Cruz or someone who can speak for him. I am by no means being patronizing when I say I have deep respect for someone who can take a case to the Supreme Court […]

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E-Verify’s fatal problems

Undocumented Economists say we need E-Verify to stop the huge cost of “amnesty”. In fact, Without E-Verify, there probably is no other strategy for reducing our undocumented immigrant population. But E-Verify doesn’t stop “amnesty”. Which is fortunate because “amnesty” gives citizens more than it takes. Meanwhile, E-Verify may cost us everything. Here are E-Verify problems […]

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Ben Carson

Encouraging Carson

An email today from Ben Carson’s wife invites an “encouraging” comment to give Ben Carson before his debate this Wednesday. If you would like to leave your message for Carson – a rare opportunity in American politics – here is the spot. By Dave Leach, 10/26/2015 Here was my simple message: Luk 6:38 Give, and […]

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The Silver Bullet that can shoot down Mountains

By Dave Leach – What can counter one lie after another, told by media who used to buy ink by the barrel and now stream by the terrabyte? Only one thing that I know of. But few Christians want to get anywhere near it. I am grateful for all the research by Alex Nowrasteh and […]

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“For I Was a Stranger” debate #3: Proofobia

By Dave Leach – “Proofobia”: calling an interpretation “wrong” without offering an alternative; irritation with a request for evidence. This is the rest of my interaction with Sandra Lee Smith. The first portion was #2 of this series, about the label “lawbreakers” applied to those for whom our laws have made obedience impossible. This is […]

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The “Stranger” Project – Chapter 3, Luke 6:38

Jesus says the extent to which citizens allow immigrants to work is the extent to which God will allow citizens to work. In this time of high unemployment alongside stepped up enforcement of immigration restrictions, Christian voters need to consider whether Jesus knows what He is talking about. By Dave Leach Give, and it shall […]

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