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Ann Coulter and Her Libel of Latino Family Values

In her latest insult to Latinos, Ann Coulter claims Latinos don’t have the family values which long have been part of Latin American culture. The “facts” Ann Coulter cites are either blatantly untrue, or she cherry picks facts in isolation of other relevant facts, favorite tactics of her accomplices Charles Murray and Heather Mac Donald. […]

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Ann Coulter’s 2% Lie

By Raoul Lowery Contreras – While many point to the uneducated Blue Collar White underclass as the epitome of American bigotry, we must look at Polite White Society, also. Here are two of America’s greatest bigots: Bigot #1– IQ “expert” Charles Murray (Harvard, American Enterprise Institute) best known for a silly book (The Bell Curve) […]

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