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Fearmongering doctor finds fame in attacking border kids

Dr. Elizabeth L Vliet isn’t an expert on infectious diseases, but she plays one on TV. In fact, she is actually a board-certified psychiatrist who is using the recent furor over immigration to make a name – and maybe some money – for herself. Dr. Vliet has appeared several times on Fox News warning that […]

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Senator Sessions immigration anti-immigrant

Rebuttal of Senator Sessions’ Anti-Immigration Talking Points

On Tuesday, Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) sent out an email memo with talking points for opponents of immigration reform. Most of the points are based on misinterpretations of government reports, cherry-picked findings by organizations that engage in statistical chicanery, or just flat-out incorrect. These anti-immigration arguments do not advance a logical argument against immigration. Here […]

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Fake Tea Party group caught using racial image

There are many Tea Party organizations in the United States who are actively working to make the country a better place, and then there are companies who are using the Tea Party banner to make money for themselves without actually working to advance the movement’s small-government principles. These fake Tea Party companies include TeaParty.org, a […]

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Mark Curran

Cafe con Leche GOP Endorses Pro-Immigration Reform Hero Sheriff Mark Curran

Berwyn, IL – Cafe con Leche Republicans, a nationwide group of Republicans dedicated to promoting immigration reform and increasing GOP voter outreach to Hispanic and other minority communities, announces its first Illinois endorsement for the November 4th general election: Sheriff Mark Curran of Lake County, IL! Sheriff Mark Curran has served as the Sheriff of Lake […]

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asylum child refugees

Ten facts proving immigrant children aren’t spreading Enterovirus

You’ve probably heard political pundits contending that the recent outbreak of Enterovirus 68 in the Midwest originated from unaccompanied immigrant children who settled there after being released by U.S. Border Patrol. We decided to look into that and verify the claim, but found that there is no proof of a correlation between the two. Here […]

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Mike McFadden

Cafe Con Leche GOP Endorses Mike McFadden for U.S. Senate

Marshall, Minnesota – National pro-immigrant Republican organization Cafe Con Leche Republicans today is pleased to endorse Mike McFadden for U.S. Senate. Bob Quasius, President of Cafe Con Leche Republicans, said “I’ve had the pleasure to speak with Mike McFadden, and found him to be a solid conservative with a solid grounding in free market economics. […]

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Obama immigration reform fakery

Obama’s Immigration Reform Fakery

By Bob Quasius – The Young Turks really nailed it in pointing out Obama’s fecklessness and weakness in immigration reform, promising once again to act to slow deportations but only after the November elections. Obama has been promising immigration reform from his days as a Senator. As a Senator, Obama engaged in immigration fakery, on […]

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alex nowrasteh cato immigration

The Conservative Case for Immigration Reform

By Alex Nowrasteh – The debate over immigration reform, intensified by the surge of unaccompanied child migrants at the U.S.–Mexico border, has many conservatives worried. Republican strategist Lanhee Chen explained that conservative opposition to immigration reform in the United States “is a very visceral reaction to what America should be about.” According to conservative opponents of […]

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cafe con leche republicans

Do Immigrants Steal Jobs?

By Bob Quasius – Professor Ben Powell of Suffolk University debunks the myth that immigrants steal jobs. I agree completely! The foundation for this myth is the flawed notion that jobs are a zero sum game, when in reality jobs are constantly created and destroyed due to our dynamic economy. Economist Alex Nowrasteh has also […]

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alex nowrasteh cato immigration

Thomas Sowell on Immigration

By Alex Nowrasteh – Thomas Sowell is an influential and prolific writer whose books span the social sciences. My shelves are full of them, decorated with underlines, marginalia, and dog-eared pages. But in his recent columns and comments on immigration, Sowell has not approached that topic with the same rigorous attention to detail that he has […]

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