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Thomas Sowell on Immigration

By Alex Nowrasteh - Thomas Sowell is an influential and prolific writer whose books span the social sciences. My shelves are full of them, decorated with underlines, marginalia, and dog-eared pages. But in his recent columns and comments on immigration, Sowell has not approached that topic with the same rigorous attention to detail that he has […]

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Open Borders?

By Raoul Lowery Contreras – “You must be happy, delirious that the Texas border is being overrun by your people,” declared the accusatory woman knowing my many-year long campaign for real immigration reform. “No,” I responded, “this crisis is delaying if not destroying prospects for immigration reform anytime soon.” That is so true. First, President […]

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100,000-plus Kids — Blame Obama, Bush, or Who?

By Raoul Lowery Contreras – Some Americans are going berserk over the huge numbers of children walking into the United States through Mexico from Central America; e.g. — some cable news, some radio talk shows. Additionally, there is a loud minority that point to the porous South Texas border as the ultimate result of Barack […]

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What Obama’s “Go at it Alone” On Immigration Really Means

By Alex Gonzalez – President Obama announced on Monday that he will “act alone” on immigration, after the House of Representatives “GOP failed to pass a ‘darn’ immigration bill.” While this is certainly going to anger many conservatives who preferred nothing to be done on immigration, and especially those 40 Republicans in the House who […]

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Cafe Con Leche GOP

Pro-Immigrant GOP Group Asks Sarah Palin to Self-Deport from the GOP

Marshall, MN – The pro-immigrant Republican group Cafe Con Leche Republicans reacted today to Sarah Palin’s latest rant and repeated threat to leave the Republican Party over immigration. Bob Quasius, president said “We liked the old Sarah Palin, her spunk and courage, her jokes about Obama and ObamaCare, all the more reason we’re speaking out […]

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This Unnecessary GOP Fight Over Immigration Reform Could Have Been Avoided With Leadership

By Alex Gonzalez – With the victory of David Brat over Eric Cantor in Virginia, many presume that the issue of immigration is dead and that Republican “anti-reform” tea party wing will kill any prospects for an immigration reform. But this may be the exact opposite. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) won his primary re-election openly […]

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Eric Cantor falsely charged

By Dave Leach – House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s immigration position seemed to be the story, but when facts are molded enough, the reporter becomes a bigger story than the reportee. The reporter: Kenric Ward, Virginia bureau chief, Watchdog.org. Ward’s Sin #1: Using the word “amnesty” in a news story as if there is any more […]

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Haley Barbour immigration reform

Haley Barbour defends immigration reform

By Dave Leach – I actually talked to governor Haley Barbour about immigration for a few seconds when he came to Iowa to speak to a convention full of pastors about his bid to run for president, which he briefly considered in 2011. I gave him one of my articles about immigration. He never got […]

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alex nowrasteh cato immigration

Guest Worker Visas Can Halt Illegal Immigration

by Alex Nowrasteh – There is a trade off between the number of lower skilled guest worker visas and the number of unauthorized immigrants. More lower skilled guest workers means fewer unauthorized immigrants. Fewer guest workers mean more unauthorized immigrants. We just have to look back to the Bracero program to see this relationship. The […]

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Cafe Con Leche GOP


By Raoul Lowery Contreras – There was a showdown this week at the White House between President Barack Obama and 17 activist Hispanic/Latino groups who think they placed enough “pressure” to make the President call the meeting to discuss immigration reform. The result: Nothing. President Barack Obama continues to flail away at Hispanics of which […]

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