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Setting Immigration Quotas – the Mystery of the Wages

Summary: What is the science that documents that our immigration quotas are the magic number, below which all immigration blesses us and above which all immigration destroys us? Are quota levels ever questioned? Missing from the national discussion is any realization that quotas are set without reference to any measure of how many immigrants we […]

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Dave Leach immigration reform

Border Children Documentary coming

By Dave Leach – TeaPartyPatriots.org sent out an email this morning about the documentary they are working on about the border children. They promise: Our documentary will detail how many of these “kids” are actually young men with ties to drug gangs. “Ties?” Like fleeing to us from drug gangs who had murdered their friends […]

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cafe con leche republicans

Time to fess up. I am an illegal. And I’ll bet you are too!

It’s time for me to fess up, to come clean on my status.  I am an illegal.  As if that were not bad enough, I’m a repeat offender.  In fact, I am currently attending a conference at Elmbrook Church in Wisconsin on how churches can provide legal aid to immigrants (sponsored by World Relief) and I became “an […]

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“Illegals”: is there a better name?

A news service, the Public Insight Network, wants our opinions on what to call them now, if the Associated Press says we can’t call them “illegals” any more. A very good question, to which I do not have as good an answer. But here’s what I submitted anyway: “What personal experiences from your life inform […]

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