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Donald Trump

The Conservative Response to Trump

Donald Trump has continued to make headlines, not only through the ostentatious, borderline decadent “announcement” of his presidential candidacy (I put this in scare quotes because I do not believe Trump in any way intends on actually attempting to be the President of the United States but instead is putting on an absurd performance art […]

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asylum child refugees

Ten facts proving immigrant children aren’t spreading Enterovirus

You’ve probably heard political pundits contending that the recent outbreak of Enterovirus 68 in the Midwest originated from unaccompanied immigrant children who settled there after being released by U.S. Border Patrol. We decided to look into that and verify the claim, but found that there is no proof of a correlation between the two. Here […]

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ebola immigrants immigration

Immigrants and Ebola

Let me start by saying that, yes, Ebola is a legitimate concern and individuals traveling from west Africa to the United States (or anywhere else) are a possible threat for the spread of Ebola. However the belief that immigrants, legal and otherwise, coming to the United States from Latin America, will spread Ebola in the […]

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Dave Leach immigration reform

Disease: consequence of restrictionism

Disease floods across the border with undocumented immigrants, but it is a problem caused by restricting legal immigration, and solved by expanding it. WorldNetDailyNews complains today that “Deadly diseases [are] crossing the border with illegals”. After a reminder of the whole range of accusations against undocumented immigrants, WND adds: [We are being invaded by] diseases […]

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