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Letter to Senator Grassley

Dave Leach, Christian conservative activist El Enfoque CafeConLecheRepublicans.com 137 E. Leach Des Moines IA 50315 To Beth Levine, beth_levine@judiciary-rep.senate.gov, jill_gerber@grassley.senate.gov, Kristine_Ahlfield@grassley.senate.gov Hi! My question for Senator Grassley: “When your committee holds hearings on immigration laws, will senators hear most from economists about how more legal immigration will help the U.S. economy, or from Undocumented Economists […]

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Rebuttal of Senator Sessions’ Anti-Immigration Talking Points

On Tuesday, Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) sent out an email memo with talking points for opponents of immigration reform. Most of the points are based on misinterpretations of government reports, cherry-picked findings by organizations that engage in statistical chicanery, or just flat-out incorrect. These anti-immigration arguments do not advance a logical argument against immigration. Here […]

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Immigration’s Real Impact on Wages and Employment

By Alex Nowrasteh – The Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) has been releasing a series of reports claiming that immigrants are benefiting from the slightly recovering job market while natives are not. Of course, if immigrants were even less likely to gain jobs than Americans, CIS would use that as evidence that immigrants are a […]

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Do credentials mean anything?

By Dave Leach – The mistake of immigration restrictionists is not that they believe the claims of the economic catastrophe caused by immigrants which are made by self-ordained “researchers” with no training in economics. (Undocumented economists.) (This article was revised January 4, 2015) Their mistake is that they will not also listen to the findings […]

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Border Kids: “Whatever you do to the least of my brothers you do unto me”

By Bob Quasius – I was deeply saddened as I watched this video showing the venom spewed at some of the most helpless among us: the children who came here recently from Central America, most of them seeking to be with their parents in the U.S. “The people here don’t want to ask you any […]

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Haley Barbour defends immigration reform

By Dave Leach – I actually talked to governor Haley Barbour about immigration for a few seconds when he came to Iowa to speak to a convention full of pastors about his bid to run for president, which he briefly considered in 2011. I gave him one of my articles about immigration. He never got […]

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Is There a STEM Worker “Shortage”?

by Alex Nowrasteh – The Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) released a new report claiming that there is no STEM worker “shortage”* after looking at the small wage gains in STEM occupations since 2000. CIS has a history of using poor methodology and data in their reports (see here, here, here, and here), but assuming […]

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With Tea Party Losses, Immigration and the USA Win

By Raoul Lowery Contreras – It wasn’t just the Tea Party that lost in last week’s Ohio and North Carolina Republican primaries, it was the heart and soul of the ant-immigrant cabal that hides behind illegal immigration to oppose immigration and people from all over the world who come to work, live and to contribute […]

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It’s easier to attack the Bible’s defenders than the Bible

By Dave Leach <> It must have something to do with the article I posted:  “Numbers USA’s Bible study doesn’t quote the Bible”. Number’s USA’s article had claimed the Bible is on the side restricting legal immigration. It quoted an “evangelical leader” whose website on the subject likewise didn’t quote a single verse on the […]

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The Great Immigration Reform Debate: Cafe Con Leche Republicans vs. the Center for Immigration Studies

Cafe Con Leche Republicans and the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) have begun a unique immigration reform debate, hosted by the conservative political blog World Net Daily. The first round was begun with an op-ed by Steve Camarota of CIS arguing for a 70+% reduction in legal immigration and strict enforcement, to make immigration a […]

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