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Ten facts proving immigrant children aren’t spreading Enterovirus

You’ve probably heard political pundits contending that the recent outbreak of Enterovirus 68 in the Midwest originated from unaccompanied immigrant children who settled there after being released by U.S. Border Patrol. We decided to look into that and verify the claim, but found that there is no proof of a correlation between the two. Here […]

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Tamara Scott Iowa RNC Committeewoman

Tamara Scott: “They are coming here to be prostitutes”

By Dave Leach – Tamara Scott, Republican Committeewoman from Iowa, justifies slamming the door of freedom in the face of thousands of child refugees by saying they are only coming here to be prostitutes. Continued from Part One, “Prejudice Definition, Illustration” posted Sept 17, 2014, and Part Two, “The children aren’t as innocent as they […]

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Confusing: Obama, DACA, and Blame

By Dave Leach – This is confusing. The New York Times said Obama’s DACA program  isn’t why the “border kids” are coming, because they don’t qualify for it. (DACA temporarily legalizes immigrants brought here as children who have lived here since 2007.) “Tea Party members believe, delusionally” that DACA “has some connection to the recent surge […]

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Dinesh D'Sousa

I thought Dinesh D’Sousa was smart

By Dave Leach –  Dinesh D’Sousa makes great movies but little immigration sense.  I hope Dinesh D’Sousa doesn’t make a movie about immigration. I just watched Dinesh D’Sousa on Huckabee, on Fox. (July 27, 2014).  I watched both his two movies, and was very impressed with his intelligence. But I just heard him, to the […]

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Fact check: Dan Patrick border crossing claim is highly exaggerated

Texas State Senator Dan Patrick, the Republican candidate for Lieutenant Governor in this fall’s general election, has made a name for himself on the backs of migrant workers from Mexico and refugee children from Central America, depicting them as diseased invaders. As a self-appointed “champion of the border,” Patrick has been at the forefront of […]

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Why is America deporting border refugees to the murder capital of the world?

On Monday, July 14, the first wave of 38 deportees from the border crisis arrived back in their home country of Honduras. The country’s first lady and members of the media were there to greet them. Promises were made that the 38 refugees, all single women and children, would be taken care of, but the […]

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Immigration’s Deadliest Threat

By Dave Leach – Immigration’s deadliest threat was missed by Zack Taylor, retired border control agent, who said the Russian Mafia is sneaking “dirty bombs” and criminal sabateurs across an unpatrolled section of our border while Obama’s CIA facilitates the plan in Central America and border patrol agents are told not to ever fire their […]

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Border Children Documentary coming

By Dave Leach – TeaPartyPatriots.org sent out an email this morning about the documentary they are working on about the border children. They promise: Our documentary will detail how many of these “kids” are actually young men with ties to drug gangs. “Ties?” Like fleeing to us from drug gangs who had murdered their friends […]

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Cafe Con Leche Republicans

Pro-Immigrant GOP Group Asks Sarah Palin to Self-Deport from the GOP

Marshall, MN – The pro-immigrant Republican group Cafe Con Leche Republicans reacted today to Sarah Palin’s latest rant and repeated threat to leave the Republican Party over immigration. Bob Quasius, president said “We liked the old Sarah Palin, her spunk and courage, her jokes about Obama and ObamaCare, all the more reason we’re speaking out […]

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