The Silver Bullet that can shoot down Mountains

By Dave Leach – What can counter one lie after another, told by media who used to buy ink by the barrel and now stream by the terrabyte?

Only one thing that I know of. But few Christians want to get anywhere near it.

I am grateful for all the research by Alex Nowrasteh and all the really bright bloggers on this website. But all their facts are like a grain of sand trying to stop a tsunami. It’s all vital. It is all indispensable in stopping the madness, but not because it has very much power against tidal waves of insanity.

You see, I just watched a 16 minute video of short clips of America’s top “conservative” leaders saying things demonstrating how little room there is in their world for mere facts, posted by Latino Rebels.  Earlier today I read a poll that says 81% of Americans regard border children as a “serious crisis”. 66% profess “sympathy” for the plight that drove the children north, but not enough sympathy to keep 77% from wanting the children returned to that plight, of which 32% want the children returned “regardless of conditions in their home country”. As for those housed here till they can be deported, half of Americans want them in any other state besides theirs.

Thanks everybody, for all the research and analysis that proves the more immigrants we allow to come here legally, the better our economy will recover; that reports of diseases among immigrants have virtually no basis; that border insecurity is caused by not allowing immigrants to come in peace without numerical restriction; that welfare resources, especially Social Security, are enhanced by immigrants; that immigrants assimilate as quickly and consistently as our own ancestors did while legalizing them would enable to do it more quickly; that no overcrowding threat looms no matter how many we allow to come legally; etc. etc.

But reality is irrelevant in this discussion.

What can penetrate such hardness of heart? What “silver bullet” can utterly destroy this mountain range of madness?

I have an idea, but you aren’t going to like it, if you are a Christian. And if you are not, you will hate me, although I suppose you do already.


Scripture, held high, even by only a few who profess to believe it.

Luke 6:38  Give, and it will be given to you; good measure, crushed down, full and running over, they will give to you. For in the same measure as you give, it will be given to you again. (BBE)

We are asked to “give” what costs us nothing and gives us much: freedom. Freedom of opportunity. Freedom to work hard for us, to pay more taxes than they receive in “benefits”, to keep our factories from having to move overseas in search of affordable labor, etc. Jesus says our own freedom of opportunity is limited to how much we “give” them. But even if immigrants cost citizens as much as they bless us, Jesus says our own prosperity is limited to how much we limit theirs.

Scripture raises the question: is Jesus stupid, to say such a thing?

This question forces a choice. Who do we believe, if all men agree with each other, but not with God? If all science, all technology, all evidence, all logic points one way and God points the other?

Romans 3:4  Of course not! God is true, even if everyone else is a liar. As it is written, “You are right when you speak, and win your case when you go into court.” (ISV)

Luke 6:38, and the claims that giving freedom and equal opportunity to immigrants will destroy America, can’t both be true. Quoting the verse forces Christians to choose whether to believe God, or the Tanton network.

For more Scriptures: The Stranger Project. But this one verse has more power than 16 minutes of xenophobia. There, I used the word. Still not entirely sure what it means.

The builders of these mountains of madness are mostly sincere, Jesus-accepting, Bible-professing Christians. A verse against them is their worst nightmare. Why keep a weapon this powerful in your scabbard?

Now a note to churches, even Hispanic churches, which leave alone this ideological assault on your own people by telling yourselves your mission must be limited to “preaching the Gospel”: what is left of your “Gospel” after you have taken out of it warnings of the behaviors of those you are reaching, which the Bible warns is taking them to Hell?

My fellow Bible believing conservative Republicans are dancing on the edge of The Pit in two ways: by refusing to “receive” immigrants as Matthew 25:43, 45 warns we must, and by demanding fast-tracking of Mark of the Beast technology, in order to keep from receiving them.

For a comprehensive study of E-verify and the Mark of the Beast, see “Mark of the Beast: why God cares, why we should.

How does God’s warning to Ezekiel not apply to us?

Ezekiel 3:18  When I say to the evil-doer, Death will certainly be your fate; and you give him no word of it and say nothing to make clear to the evil-doer the danger of his evil way, so that he may be safe; that same evil man will come to death in his evil-doing; but I will make you responsible for his blood. (BBE)

Or the verse before what Jesus called our Second Greatest Commandment, to love our neighbor as ourselves: (16 verses before the 2 verses about not deporting immigrants which give restrictionists such apoplexy):

Leviticus 19:17  Thou shalt not hate thy brother in thine heart: thou shalt in any wise rebuke thy neighbour, and not suffer sin upon him.

How dare any church leave this major movement of American Christianity undisturbed on its trek to Hell and justify it by saying their church’s focus must be to “share [what’s left of] the Gospel”! Especially a Hispanic church, full of immigrants who are the direct targets of these arrows of Hell, who have every reason to get the facts straight about whether God is stupid or not, and in fact who know from their experience the madness of the immigration bureaucracy!

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