Presente: Stop Offensive “No Somos Rubios” Campaign

For Immediate Release – Open Letter to

Miami, Florida – We call on Presente to discontinue the “No Somos Rubio” campaign against Senator Marco Rubio.  Although we do not agree with a number of Senator Rubio’s positions on immigration reform, the “No Somos Rubios” campaign is neither helpful nor constructive, especially considering that Senator Rubio has demonstrated himself to be more open to immigration reform as of late.  In fact, much to his credit, Senator Rubio has urged his colleagues to tone down their anti-immigrant rhetoric.

Nevertheless, Presente has inappropriately singled out Senator Rubio for criticism simply because he is of Hispanic descent and does not agree with all of Presente’s position on immigration issues. In particular, we find it childish and disrespectful for Presente to use Senator Rubio’s last name (which means “blond” in Spanish) to launch a campaign against him.

The “No Somos Rubios” campaign is yet another example of a liberal organization singling out members of minority groups for attack because of their conservative viewpoints.  Liberal politicians and their surrogates regularly run exactly the same play when it comes to attacking conservative women.  Perhaps the Democratic Party can begin issuing gold stars to minority members of the House and Senate who satisfy their criteria for being “Black enough”, “Hispanic enough” or “Women enough”.

Ironically, Senator Harry Reid engaged in the same kind of race-baiting as Presente last week when he said that Senator Rubio “supposedly represents Hispanics” and stated that he does not understand how any Hispanic could vote Republican. Yet, it was Senator Harry Reid who introduced a bill in the Senate in 1993 that would have abolished birthright citizenship for children born to undocumented immigrants in the United States.

In that regard, Presente’s campaign is endemic of the double-standard that exists in American politics where being a conservative means that you never get the benefit of the doubt and being a liberal means never having to say you’re sorry. This double-standard is the reason that Senator Robert Byrd, a member of the Ku Klux Klan, can be eulogized at a state funeral by Bill Clinton, but Senator Reid can question whether Rubio is providing “Hispanic-enough” representation to his constituents, this despite Reid’s own shameful history as an anti-immigration advocate. This is where liberalism dwells – at the intersection of arrogance, ignorance, hypocrisy and paternalism.

Given Senator Rubio’s popularity amongst conservatives and speculation that he may be offered a spot as the GOP’s nominee for Vice President in 2012, it is not difficult to understand why left leaning organizations like Presente have been trying to smear the popular freshman Senator from Florida, but that hardly makes it right. Accordingly, we call on Presente to discontinue its wholly inappropriate and offensive “No Somos Rubio” campaign against Senator Marco Rubio.


Manuel A. Fernandez,
Florida State Director, Cafe Con Leche Republicans

Bob Quasius
President, Cafe Con Leche Republicans

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