Paul Ryan called “traitor” for agreeing with part of Trump

Paul Ryan, speaker of the U.S. House, told CNN Thursday that the “deportation force” promised by President Trump “isn’t happening”, which cannot be documented to differ from Trump’s own detail-deprived promises about how he is going to think up a policy that will “make everybody happy” and will not focus on kids brought here by their parents.

And yet, because Ryan stated his sense of what Congress would do about a detail upon which Trump has been all over the map, several conservative media called him an arrogant traitor yesterday.

So first, in this article, are quotes from Ryan, according to CNN, so you can judge whether Ryan said anything so different than Trump, or so encouraging to the forces of “amnesty”, that he can rationally be thought a “traitor” to Trump voters.

Second is my fax to Speaker Ryan, taking the opportunity of this criticism of him to encourage him and offer him information I pray he will use. This copy includes Ryan’s contact info. Please consider contacting him yourself to encourage and educate him. Or at least to educate him. (If you “snail mail”, your letter will be delayed 2-3 extra days to be irradiated against anthrax.)

Third is a copy of the “traitor” charge against him that was carried by several conservative media, so you can see the contrast between what Ryan actually said, and the fact-famished charges.


(To the undocumented parent of a “Dreamer”) “I can see that you love your daughter and you’re a nice person who has a great future ahead of you, and I hope your future’s here.”

(Crime) “is the problem he [Trump] wants to focus on. This [Dreamers] is not the focus. And so what we have to do is find a way to ensure that you can get right with the law. We have to figure out how to fix this, but to do that, people need to have confidence that our laws are being followed, people know who’s coming and going and we need to have a secure border.”

“What we have to do is figure out how to have a humane solution to this very legitimate, sincere problem, and respect the rule of law”

[But a “deportation force”?] “it’s not happening.”

Tapper responded that Trump had actually talked of creating a “deportation force” on the campaign trail.

“I know, I know,” Ryan said, laughing. “But I’m here to tell you, in Congress, it’s not happening.”

He did, however, take a hard line on “sanctuary cities” that don’t deport undocumented immigrants.

“Sanctuary cities are a violation of the rule of law, and they are not to be tolerated,” he said.
“That means if you want federal assistance, you’re not going to get it. You’ve got to enforce the law,” Ryan said, referring to cities that adopt such policies.


January 17, 2017

Dave Leach

Des Moines IA 50315


Congressman Paul Ryan


H-232 The Capitol

Washington, DC 20515

Phone: (202) 225-0600

Fax: (202) 225-2012

Honorable Congressman Paul Ryan:

THANK YOU for your astonishing promise, twisted and condemned by ConservativeDailyAlerts yesterday, “to not deport anyone brought into the country illegall (sic) as a child…. also…not to deport parents or split up families.” Conservative Daily surrounded its characterization with charges against you that make Benedict Arnold look like the Father Of Our Country. []

Conservative Daily links to, which quotes your common sense policy statements that are well mid-range between President Trump’s promised but detail-deprived “deportation force” and his promise to manage it “in a humane way that will make everybody happy”.

I understand that when you said “But I’m here to tell you, in Congress, it’s not happening”, about Trump’s “deportation force”, that you did not mean, as Conservative Daily reported, “He thinks that he alone can force this. He thinks he can force the rest of Congress to fall in-line.” Your judgment is not just of your personal preference, but of (1) what you know the current majority in Congress will support, (2) what is physically possible, not to mention economically or morally possible, and (3) of what voters will support as they see it played out, which is what shut down Operation Wetback.

If Conservative Daily can do that to you for agreeing with part of Trump, I foresee that “the House” will become even more “divided against itself”. So in the interest of facilitating President Trump’s mandate for a policy that will “make everybody happy”, (which of course will require healing the ignorance that makes people at the doors of the Promised Land prefer slavery strongly enough to kill for it, Numbers 14:1-10), I offer you these resources to help silence misunderstanding.

You have surely noticed that economists are seldom allowed outside, in DC, anywhere near debate about immigration. But have you thought about this, or dared say it: that the seven researchers who want less legal immigration – for mostly economic reasons – are Undocumented Economists? Camarota, Rector, Krikorian, [Roy] Beck, Mehlman, Salzman, Brimelow. Who have I left out, who are the primary sources cited by restrictionists? Even Borjas, the most pessimistic of real economists, whom they sometimes quote, is not nearly as pessimistic as they are. These Undocumented Economists would be “illegals” in any court in America, if they tried to testify as “expert witnesses”, because they lack any university credentials. Why are they allowed to dominate Judiciary Committee hearings?? While real economists, who universally have a much more positive view of the benefits of more legal immigration, are dismissed as traitors? (See

How long will reality, and evidence of it, not to mention Scripture, be charged with Treason, before the Court of Public Opinion is ready to dismiss the charges?

In Jesus’ Name (Col 3:17)


Paul Ryan to Illegal Immigrant: You Can Stay!

Fellow Conservative,

He just keeps driving the knife deeper and deeper into our backs…

Speaker Paul Ryan just did a townhall on CNN and the network ambushed him with an illegal alien who asked what he planned to do with her now that Trump was elected.

This woman benefitted from Barack Obama’s illegal alien amnesty and has been working in the country (illegally) with Obama’s permission.

Essentially, Barack Obama told her that even though it was illegal for her to live or work in the US, he would turn a blind eye and not go after her.

Instead of standing firm and promising to uphold the law as written, Ryan promised this woman that he would allow Barack Obama’s amnesty program to continue. Not only that, but Ryan promised to cement it into law.

He promised to not deport anyone brought into the country illegall as a child. He also promised not to deport parents or split up families.

With just two sentences, he promised to allow practically every illegal immigrant to stay. It is absolutely astonishing.

He thinks that he alone can force this. He thinks he can force the rest of Congress to fall in-line.

It is up to YOU to hold Congress’ feet to the fire and hold them accountable!

Don’t let the GOP establishment make Obama’s amnesty permanent! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND they block Paul Ryan’s plot from moving forward!

In order for people like Paul Ryan to win re-election, they needs two things: money and votes. Just like Ryan needs to make the voters happy, he also has to placate his donors.

A lot of the time, these interests clash. What Paul Ryan has proven is that when he has to choose between acting in the interest of his donors or constituents, he chooses his donors.

Many of the special interests are pushing for amnesty because it offers them millions of new low-skill and low-wage workers.

They don’t care if this means kicking Americans out of jobs. They only care about their bottom line.

If Paul Ryan’s plan is pushed through and millions more illegal aliens are given work permits, where do you think they’ll get those jobs from? They’ll take them from Americans.

That’s just one aspect in this but it is the aspect that Paul Ryan and his allies are most interested in.

They are assuming that the backlash they receive from We the People won’t surpass the backlash they receive from their wealthy donors. They’d rather anger their constituents than the powerful people who finance their campaigns.

It is up to you and I – all of us – to prove them wrong!

Stop Paul Ryan’s amnesty surrender! Send your urgent FaxBlast to Congress and FORCE them to stop Ryan from making Obama’s amnesty permanent!

Paul Ryan is still technically suing President Obama over his amnesty executive orders. If the court fight failed, he promised, then Congress would defund the amnesty programs and starve it of the money it needs to run. When Paul Ryan’s job was on the line, he promised to use every tool at his disposal to dismantle Obama’s amnesty programs.

Now that we are just four days away from the end of the Obama era/error, Paul Ryan is completely changing his tune.

By refusing to allow Trump to deport any of Obama’s DACA or DAPA amnesty recipients, he is promising to allow practically every illegal alien to stay in the country.

This the extent to which he is stabbing us in the back. Paul Ryan wants them all to be able to stay.

We have two options. We can either sit back and allow him to get away with this treachery.

Or, we can stand and fight!

I choose the latter and I hope you will join me.

Please join the fight! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND they stop Paul Ryan from carrying out this amnesty surrender!


Joe Otto
Conservative Daily


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