National Pro-Immigrant Group Backs Kurt Bills for U.S. Senate

Marshall, MN – Cafe Con Leche Republicans is pleased to endorse Kurt Bills for U.S. Senate from Minnesota. We believe Kurt bills would bring fiscal conservatism and unique skill sets to the U.S. Senate:

  • A strong background in economics would give him great perspective about our economy, the effect of taxes  and government regulation on economic growth, etc. Few if any U.S. Senators have any significant background in economics.
  • Kurt is a strong fiscal conservative. Our national debt grew 60% during the last four years. Much like FDR’s new deal the stimulus has not resulted in growth or significant job creation outside of government. FDR’s Treasury Secretary, after eight years of Keynesian economics lamented “We have tried spending money. We are spending more than we have ever spent before and it does not work.” We need Senators who will push back against overspending, and Kurt will push back hard.
  • Kurt is a tireless advocate of limited government, and our nation needs to shrink government to cut spending and plow the savings back into the economy to stimulate real growth.
  • Kurt would also become the only school teacher in the U.S. Senate, providing that perspective as well.
  • In our discussions with Kurt, he indicated that he favors reforming our immigration system to better fit the needs of our economy, versus the big bureaucracy and arbitrary low quotas that exist at present, while also enhancing immigration enforcement.
  • Kurt has shown he understand the importance of New Americans. Dan “Doc” Severson, Kurt’s challenger for the GOP nomination (whom we initially endorsed), has joined the Bills campaign to assist with outreach to New Americans and other minorities.

Kurt’s opponent, Freshman Senator Amy Klobuchar is one of the most liberal members of the U.S. Senate. Her sole legislative initiative worthy of mention was co-sponsorship of PIPA, S.978, a bill that would have made streaming of copyrighted material a felony, and opened the door to government control of the internet. PIPA and the companion bill SOPA were so poorly crafted they caused a widespread public outcry. The resulting protest led to over 7,000 web sites being shut down for a day in protest, and leaders in the Congress quickly backed down. Amy Klobuchar showed she is clearly out of touch with her constituents, and is a fan of big government control of our economy. The entertainment industry is among her biggest campaign donors (see our blog about this – link), and former Senator Chris Dodd later bragged “Those who count on quote ‘Hollywood’ for support need to understand that this industry is watching very carefully who’s going to stand up for them when their job is at stake. Don’t ask me to write a check for you when you think your job is at risk and then don’t pay any attention to me when my job is at stake.” Klobuchar stood up for the entertainment industry. She has been in the Senate for one term, and has already become a part of the culture of corruption. Minnesota needs a Senator for Minnesotans, not special interests.

On immigration, Amy Klobuchar has been supportive of immigration reform, as is Kurt Bills. However, we were stunned at the indifference demonstrated by Amy Klobuchar in confirming the nomination of Stephanie Rose as a federal judge. Stephanie Rose was the infamous prosecutor who organized American’s only mass felony trial at a cattle house. Over 400 immigrants arrested in the Postville beef slaughterhouse were sent to prison under circumstances that should have raised serious concerns about Ms. Rose’s fitness to serve as judge. There were improper ex-parte communications between judge and prosecutor.

The immigrants were all grossly overcharged with aggravated identity theft under circumstances the U.S. Supreme Court later ruled is not identity theft. With 17 defendants for every public defender, and less than one week for each attorney to review each case and agree to a plea deal, it should have been obvious to former prosecutor Amy Klobuchar there was a gross lack of due process. One attorney quit on the spot rather than be part of a gross miscarriage of justice. Congress conducted a hearing on the Postville raid and serious issues were raised. This case has already resulted in two documentaries about the Postville raid. We wrote to Amy Klobuchar about our concerns but never received a response.

Amy Klobuchar failed to ask a single question of this very controversial prosecutor, and voted to approve the nomination. Amy Klobuchar comes across with as a pleasant person, but when she needed to stand up and start asking hard questions she was passive. We need someone who will stand up for Minnesotans and those who have no voice, and we believe Kurt Bills is that person.

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  1. October 30, 2012 at 8:19 pm #

    Now THIS – is one hell of an interesting endorsement !!!!!

    It comes JUST a FEW DAYS BEFORE the actual election – for the ONLY U.S. Senate race in the ENTIRE Beautiful State of Minnesota – THE Heartland of Basic Goodness !!!!!!!

    So WHY – one may ask – DOES THIS ENDORSEMENT – come SO LATE in the political Process ??????

    Now I believe that ol’ Bob Quasis will come up with a PLETHORA of HIGH-MINDED Platitudes about the REASONS for this LATE ENDORSEMENT – but you can bet your bippie – that Ol’ Bob Quasis WON’T reveal – the REAL REASONS for the LATE ENDORSEMENT !!!!! You may also bet your bippie – that Ol’ Bob Quasis won’t DARE to COME CLEAN of the Delay – but rest assured that Ol’ Bob – has his reasons – FOR being LATE !!!!!

    You see, HERE in the Heartland of Basic Goodness, the Newspaper of Record tends to be, what the locals call “the Strib” – the “Minneapolis Star and Tribune”. AND one of the Basically Good columnists at the Strib was Ol’ Jim Klobuchar, Amy’s Daddy !!!! Now Ol’ Jim was NO FAN of the Minnesota Humphrey Junta – and neither is Amy, deep down. So Amy BRINGS a breath of FRESH AIR to the last stale days of the Humphry Junta – and because Amy is Basically Good – and Amy’s Dad is Basically Good – and the MAJORITY of the Voters in Minnesota, the Heartland of Basic Goodness – ARE Basically Good – Amy will be in office – just as long as she wants to be !!!!!

    SO – this Basic Goodness thingy – no doubt had a LOT TO DO – with Bob Quasis’ LATE ENDORSEMENT – cuz in MY BOOK – Bob Quasis – IS Basically Good – Too!!!!!!

    Just sayin’

    Posted by Robert Allen


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