Marco Rubio: New Champion of the School Choice Movement

If his strong support of immigration reform and unabashed pro-life views weren’t enough to make me a fan of Senator Marco Rubio, his sponsorship of school choice legislation just gave me another reason. Joshua Mercer of CatholicVote reports:

“I don’t like federal involvement in education, but I’m a big supporter of school choice. I’ll have to research this proposed legislation some more. But if Rubio gets it right, this could be an excellent reform.”

I agree, this is very good news. In some ways, it represents a paradigm shift: up until now, the conservative push for education reform/school choice has been relegated to the state level. Republican Governors Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, Scott Walker of Wisconsin, and (now ex-Governor) Mitch Daniels of Indiana have all been very active in promoting education reform in their respective states, but Republicans at the national level seem reluctant to embrace it. As I’ve mentioned before, I believe this is a winning issue for the GOP, as well as an issue of great moral significance (Condeleeza Rice and Jeb Bush have both identified it as “the civil rights issue of our time”) so I’m glad to see a Republican Senator with a national profile embracing this cause so visibly. Any Republican officeholder eyeing the presidency in the near future would be wise to follow his lead.

Andy Kirchoff is the Illinois Leader of Cafe con Leche Republicans.

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  1. February 14, 2013 at 3:44 pm #

    Hey Andy,

    Your are VERY wrong in this so-called School Choice thingy that you are backing – because ONE of MANY of the problems with a so-called School Choice thingy – is that it ALTIMATELY denies Tax Funds – to go to PUBLIC SCHOOLS !!!

    NEVER FORGET, Andy – that in the 1920’s WHEN PROTESTANT PRAYER WAS ALLOWED within the Public School Systems – Nation Wide – Cathoics attempted to use the Court Systems to DENY USAGE of TAX DOLLARS to Support PREOTESTANT PRAYER within the Public Schools. Nation Wide – Courts RULED that Catholic did NOT HAVE STANDING to bring these law suits to court – SO, Andy – the Catholics STARTED their OWN School systems – to PROTECT their Children FROM – PROTESTANT PROPAGANDA !!!!

    THEN, Andy – Catholics where PAYING private funds to support their School Systems – AND – Catholics where amoung ALL Americans PAYING TAXES to Support the Public School Systems – Nation Wide.

    CONSEQUENTLY, Andy, the Catholics started VOTING AGAINST RAISING TAXES – to support the Public School System – and SINCE the late 1920’s – the PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEMS – Nation Wide – have SUFFERED from the LACK of TAX SUPPORT !!!!!

    I suspect Andy, that as IS YOUR USUALLY orientation vis-a-vis the Cafe Con Leche Republicans Blog Space – that YOU, Andy – will AGAIN REFUSE to be involved in conversation – with THIS CONFRONTATION – of your views !!!!

    ANDY – YOU have a LONG HISTORY – of REFUSING to DISCUSS issues – within the Cafe Con Leche Republicans Blog Space !!!!!

    So Typical – So Andy – so – so – are ya goina STILL REFUSE to converse ???

    Just askin’,

    Robert Allen

    Posted by boba123

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