Latino Republicans demand apology from Ann Coulter

Latino Republicans demand apology from Ann Coulter

by Victor Medina –

A national group of Hispanic Republicans is demanding that columnist Ann Coulter apologize for a recent column they say is anti-Latino and anti-immigrant.

In an open letter posted to their website over the weekend, the Cafe Con Leche Republicans criticized Coulter for her column “America Nears El Tipping Pointo,” which she published on Wednesday. In the column, Coulter mocks the current move by the GOP to appeal to Latinos, saying that Hispanic immigrants are not conservative. She claims that Hispanic immigrants are less likely to be married or go to church regularly, and are more likely to support gay marriage.

In response, the Cafe Con Leche Republicans called out Coulter for her bigoted statements. “Please stop referring to yourself as a conservative and an expert on liberals. Hatred of minorities and immigrants is not a conservative value,” the letter stated. “If Abe Lincoln or Ronald Reagan could read your latest column, they would turn over in their graves. You obviously know nothing about the Latino vote, and your repeated and shrill rhetoric against Latinos are a major reason that so many conservative Latinos hold their nose and vote Democrat.”

The open letter also pointed out that Coulter used liberal activist John Tanton to justify her over-generalizations of Latinos. Tanton is well-known for founding anti-immigrant groups and takes pride in using Republicans like Coulter to achieve his goals.

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