Jeb Bush the New GOP leader? Yea!

Jeb Bush the New GOP leader? Yea!

Under the rain – Guest op-ed by Iván Duin-Obregón (original link) – en español

It is clearly that Bush is engaged in an effort to position himself as the next leader of the Republican Party and he has the support. To understand what I am saying, you need to anticipate how the party might diagnose the causes of a loss in 2012, and then you can see how he is the cure.

Bush has been publicly urging Republicans to moderate their tone toward Latinos and to embrace immigration reform. Here is the one issue where Republicans will almost surely conclude that they need to moderate their party stance. The Latino vote is both growing in size and seems to be tilting ever more strongly toward the Democrats, a combination that will rapidly make the electoral map virtually unwinnable. Indeed, the body language of the Romney campaign suggests it already regrets the hard-line stances on immigration it adopted during the primary.Containing illegal immigration is a passion among the Republican voting base, but the party elite is generally indifferent to illegal immigration. (It’s a good source of cheap labor for business.)

Bush, of course, speaks fluent Spanish and has a Mexican-American wife and He like his father and brother before him will campaign, offering a great deal of moderation in tone and substance about business but even better about education. He spoke fulsomely on the merits of bipartisanship and committing himself with his speeches the center and favor of immigration. He lashed President Obama for failing to fully endorse the deficit-reduction plan, and admitted that he will oppose to higher tax revenues.

Republican need consensus after losing the election. It will recognize that its harsh partisan rhetoric turned off voters, and will urgently want to woo Latinos, while holding on to as much as possible of the party’s domestic policy agenda. And the party has to get somebody to lead it. Who will be better that Jeb Bush to guide us in the future?


Ivan Duin-Obregon

Ivan Duin-Obregon

Ivan Duin-Obregon, el Venezolano el Conservador. Fui Diputado Suplente en la legislatura estatal en Portuguesa, Venezuela, tengo en USA desde 1999, Participe Junto a Richard Nadler en la segunda campaña presidencial de George W. Bush, en la de McCain y en esta ultima haciendo comerciales politicos para los Latinos en Español.

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  1. December 13, 2012 at 11:16 pm #

    It’s goina be hard for the Republicans to Woo the Latino vote – because there are just – a lot of Republicans – that just don’t like Latinos !!!!

    Look at what happened in Alabama and Arizona – before the election – ALL Done to Latinos – BY Republicans !!!!!

    And ol’ Mitt – WANTED Latinos – to SELF Deport !!!!!

    THAT’S WHY – 70% of the Latino vote went to Obama !!!!!!

    Just sayin’,

    Robert Allen

    Posted by boba123
  2. December 14, 2012 at 2:03 am #

    Here’s something that I don’t quite understand yet – WHY – are a large number of Hispanics trying so hard to get Republicans to like and respect them. Surely the actions in Arizona, Alabama, Georgia, California – speak LOUD and CLEAR – that there are a LARGE NUMBER of Republicans – who just DON’T LIKE Hispanics !!!!!!

    SO – with this large number of Republicans NOT LIKING Hispanics very much – WHY do a number of Hispanics – keep TRYING to get the Republicans to like them?????

    Obviously – Better than 70% of Hispanics voted for Obama – so why are the others – working SO HARD – to get Republicans to like them????

    Just askin’ !!!!

    Posted by boba123


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