I want the job that Rush gave to an immigrant!

Dear Rush Limbaugh: (emailed 2pm, Jan 19, 2017 to ElRushbo@eibnet.com)

I am a citizen. I want a job which you have given to an immigrant. How could you do such a thing?

By Dave Leach

Is it relevant that I might not be as good an anchorman as Mark Steyn? You don’t want other employers to have the right to give jobs that citizens want to non-citizens, just because they best meet job requirements. Why do you do proudly what you want outlawed for others? (By keeping quotas low enough that the workers which employers want to hire cannot become “legal”.)

Is it relevant that Mark is a LEGAL immigrant? It’s the loss of citizens’ jobs that matters, isn’t it?  Isn’t that the whole point of low immigration quotas (numerical limits) on legal immigration? To minimize immigrants taking jobs from citizens? When there seems to be an increase in citizens losing jobs to legal immigrants, that is the argument of NumbersUSA for decreasing legal immigration to zero or lower. Yet how can low quotas ever achieve this purpose, while restrictionist leaders like you deliberately, proudly, and openly give jobs to immigrants which citizens want?

By giving a job to an immigrant, (legal or not), that citizens want, doesn’t that communicate that you want the numerical limit just high enough for YOU to hire the immigrant YOU want to take a job from a citizen, but not high enough for millions of other employers to have that same right?

I want that job that you gave to an immigrant! I want it badly enough to sing about it!

For a vision of an immigration solution that REALLY WILL “make everybody happy” (which of course will require correcting misinformation, such as the mantra of Undocumented Economists that immigrants take citizen’s jobs): Immigration Resources.

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