Hispanics = Republicans? Pretty Much!

The tough prosecuting District Attorney and her husband, lifetime Democrats both, went to lunch with Republican friends and a couple hours later came away exclaiming, “I’ll be damned, we’re Republicans.”

So told New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez to Republicans in 2012. She had discovered a famous quip of former California Governor and U.S President Ronald Reagan, “Latinos are Republican. They just don’t know it yet.”

To understand both Governor Martinez and President Reagan one has to know what the three basic areas of political policy are in the Republican Party.

There are three “legs” that make up the philosophical base of Grand Old Party (GOP) thinking: National Security, Social/family/individual responsibility, and Economics.

Republican Value – National Security

National Security has been a huge element in GOP thinking since December 7, 1941. The Republican 80th Congress created the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) from the remnants of the World War II Office of Strategic Services (OSS) which President Roosevelt created despite his Secretary of State Cordell Hull had declared, “Gentlemen do not read other Gentleman’s mail.”

Democrat mistakes that led to modern Republicans. In 1949 Democrat Secretary of State, Dean Acheson, declared Korea outside the America’s Pacific defense perimeter. Result, North Koreans Communists aided by the Soviet Union invaded South Korea. 34,000 Americans died.

The GOP was successful in nominating and electing General Dwight D. Eisenhower (Ike) President and Richard Nixon Vice President in 1952. Ike ended the Korean War. He created the MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) policy that served the United States well for over 30 years against the Soviet Union. He kept thousands of American troops in Europe and Japan/Philippines/Korea. He kept us out of Vietnam despite the French begging us for help.

Richard Nixon inherited Vietnam, the worst foreign policy mistake of the 20th Century. On his first day in office (January 20, 1969) he ordered troops out of Vietnam where eventually 58,000 Americans died in the amateur Kennedy/Johnson folly. Nixon started the fall of the Soviet Empire by diplomacy with China.

Our real enemy today is Muslim terrorism, not the Soviet Empire which imploded thanks to Republican policies of MAD and intelligent diplomacy. It didn’t hurt that Ronald Reagan started rearming the USA, a policy heavily supported by Hispanics whose individual support was highlighted by more Hispanic military service than in all U.S. History. Today, 20%, one in five Combat Arms soldiers and Marines are Hispanic, almost all Mexican Americans.

Military strength, a strong U.S. Navy and a policy of assistance to varied allies have kept a world-wide American presence in support of American interests throughout the world. That has been Republican policy since 1941. There are, however, isolationists who demand a U.S. pullback to our borders because they don’t believe in our being “Policeman of the World.” Our interests need defending no matter where in the world.

Republican Value – Social/Family/Individual responsibility

Social/Family/Individual responsibility covers a huge swath of American behavior. Abortion, forced birth control, food stamps, welfare, the destruction of family, and federal stripping of 1st Amendment constitutional protections in religion and religious practice are huge issues with Hispanics.

73 percent of Black babies are born out of wedlock, 52% of Hispanic and 30 percent of White babies are also born out of wedlock. This is a disaster. Abortion speaks for itself.
Obama care is forcing religious institutions like hospitals and universities to violate their own beliefs in direct violation of the U.S. Constitution. Record numbers are drawing food stamps and disability funding and labor participation is at modern lows. Hard work doesn’t count any longer for many, but not Hispanics.

A Safety Net is fine. The Hispanic family, however, is the foundation of civilization; food stamps, welfare and no-growth Democratic policies are destroying the family.

Republican Value – Economics

Economics supported by Republicans include less government intrusion, a fairer tax system for all, less over-regulation, a free labor market and a government that encourages growth, job creation and more domestic energy production.

80,000 pages of tax laws and an Internal Revenue Service that is unfair for political reasons must be corrected in the interest of fairness. President George W. Bush’s tax reforms have been set in concrete despite fervent opposition by Democrats. More needs to be done. A tax code of ten pages will unleash economics which can revitalize the economy more than the industrial revolution did.

Basically, the Republican economics policy is two words: ECONOMIC GROWTH. Target, four or more percent growth.

The military record shows that Hispanics have supported a strong international USA since 1941 (31 Medals of Honor since 1941). President George W. Bush raked in over 90% Hispanic approval when he attacked Afghanistan in 2001. Surveys show that Hispanics are generally pro-life, pro-marriage and are not afraid of hard work. Mexican American labor force participation, for example, is the highest in the country. Hispanics thrive on economic growth because they are workers, hard workers.

Was Reagan right? Yes, Hispanics are natural Republicans!


Raoul Contreras Lowery

Raoul Contreras Lowery

Raoul Lowery Contreras (1941) was born in Mexico, raised in the USA. Former U.S. Marine, athlete, Dean’s List at San Diego State. Professional political consultant and California Republican Party official (1963-65)…Television news commentator, radio talk show host…published Op-Ed writer (1988 to present)…author of 12 books (as of 1-05-12). His books are available at Amazon.com

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Raoul Lowery Contreras (1941) was born in Mexico, raised in the USA. Former U.S. Marine, athlete, Dean’s List at San Diego State. Professional political consultant and California Republican Party official (1963-65)…Television news commentator, radio talk show host…published Op-Ed writer (1988 to present)…author of 12 books (as of 1-05-12). His books are available at Amazon.com

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  1. August 9, 2013 at 4:54 pm #

    Lies, damnable lies. Republican values start with obeying the law. We are a nation of laws.

    Let me give you a quote my brother recently posted on this subject that thus far received 250 “like” hits:

    “Can the message get any clearer? Wall Street and their bought politicians selling-out America for their profits. Wake up America! These traitors want to steal your prosperity, your wealth, your livelihood and your birthright.”

    You get caught jumping the line, you go to the end of the line.

    ex animo

    Posted by David Farrar
    • August 10, 2013 at 9:30 am #

      David, this piece doesn’t even mention immigration, and 100% of registered Hispanic voters are U.S. Citizens. Why is it someone mentions Hispanics and immediately you leap to the conclusion we’re talking about law breakers, immigration, etc.?

      Posted by bquasius
  2. August 12, 2013 at 11:57 pm #

    Oh, My, My Raoul – so many misrepresentations within your opening comment, one hardly knows where to start.

    December 7, 1941 – “A day which shall live in infamy” – to quote Franklin Roosevelt – solved a major problem that Franklin had with the strong, large, and highly vocal Isolationist Republicans and American Firsters of the 30s and early 40s – attempting to ignore the international ramifications of the goings on within Europe and Asia. And then that dumb German, Adolf Hitler, declared war upon the U.S. of A. within a week or so – solving another problem for Franklin – who could now publically supply the English with war goods and services.

    You and I, Raoul, have previously discussed Franco the Fascist within this Blog Space with your support for Franco the Fascist within the Spanish Civil War of the mid-30s. Franco received a great deal of military and economic support from Adolf in Germany and Bonito in Italy – to rebel against the Publically Elected Spanish government – while the Isolationist Republicans and American Firsters refused to allow any kind of support from America to be given to the legitimately elected government within Spain.

    It looks like, Raoul, that you have taken to heart George Orwell’s “1984” in the way that you go about re-writing History – just to suit your politically agenda. Orwell also wrote another interesting work – “Homage to Catalonia” – – in which he describes his First Person experiences and others’ experiences – as combatants working with the government side of the Spanish Civil War against the Fascist rebels of Franco and the boys. This second Orwell work IS the book that makes Orwell persona non grata within Commie circles because Orwell takes great pains to describe how the Commies frequently attack the Socialists and Anarchists, using guns and bombs – often with greater ferocity – than against the common Franco Fascist enemy!

    Never forget, Raoul, that the German Air Force, during the Spanish Civil War learned the fine art and craft of Dive Bombing and coordinating with ground troops, later used to good effect during WW II.

    You fail to mention, Raoul, the National Security Act of 1947, amended in 1949, giving the U.S. of A. – the Secretary of Defense, the National Security Agency, the Air Force as a separate branch of the military, and the CIA. You also fail to mention the Truman Doctrine of 1947, the Marshall Plan of 1948, and Interim Aid, bridging the gap between the Truman Doctrine and the Marshall Plan.

    Additionally, Raoul, you fail to indicate that George Kennan, appointed the First Policy and Planning Director by Secretary of State, George Marshall – is the person responsible for the Containment Policy of the Soviets – adopted by America in the mid-40s and lasting through the fall of Soviet collapse in 1991. Interestingly, Raoul, Korea was not seen as a major front within the Containment Policy, not by Secretary of State Acheson, nor by Secretary of State Marshall, nor George Kennan, nor a host of others.

    But one of the more interesting areas that you fail to mention, Raoul, is NSC 68 – THE document established in 1950, shortly before the start of the Korean War, which essentially is the Blue Print document, starting the Nuclear Arms race within America’s Architecture of the Cold War. NSC 68 – in many different guises and forms, is the game-plan that ultimate drives the Soviets into bankruptcy in the age-old “guns versus butter” national scheme of politics. It ALSO cost American tax-payers – Hundreds of Trillions of dollars! And America is able to do both – guns AND butter.

    ALL of the above, Raoul – falls within Truman’s watch. Now I’ll be the First to recognize that without Arthur Vandenberg, Republican Chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, The Truman Doctrine would never have seen the light of day. Interestingly, Acheson and Vandenberg work rather smoothly together to get the Truman Doctrine through the House and the Senate.

    Interestingly, Raoul, that Senate Committee Testimony, some 250 pages, covering about 8 days of testimony, is immediately Classified – as Top Secret – only to be declassified about one quarter of a Century later. I’ve read these hearings several times and have spent a good portion of one of my chapters in my book about America’s Architecture of and for the Cold War discussing these hearings. I fully understand, Raoul, why the American public would have been in shock and slightly rebellious had they have gotten wind of the contents of those Senate hearings.

    Anyhow, Raoul, the above is only a small discussion – on just your opening statements about – “National Security has been a huge element in GOP thinking since December 7, 1941.” – yet, I believe that I have raised a good number of questions and doubts about your opening remarks. Your opening comments continue – as you fail to mention – that by the time of the Eisenhower administration – that America was fully funding the French efforts in Vietnam – and Diem Bien Phu came as quite the shock to America. Interesting, Eisenhower’s Secretary of state, John Forster Dulles, did everything that he could to sabotage the Geneva peace conference of 1954 – but only was able to keep the South Vietnamese and the United States from signing the peace accords. Dulles though does set up SEATO (South East Asia Treaty organization) – as a knock-off of NATO – but which ultimately fails to have SEATO accomplish much of anything.

    Well, Raoul, I’m certainly looking forward to a detailed discussion about your comments and my comments – as I have been intensely studying this period within American History – and have a rather firm understanding of America’s Architecture of the Cold War.

    Just observin’,

    Robert Allen

    Posted by boba123
  3. August 18, 2013 at 10:24 am #

    Gosh, Raoul – It looks like you are WIMPING OUT of another conversation in which your initial take on things find challance!!!!!

    It’s EASY to see WHY you start out with December 7, 1941 – JUST so you DON’T have to deal with the LARGE and VOCAL Republican ISOLATIONISTS and America Firsters!!!!! AND, Raoul, it looks like you have FINALLY GIVEN UP on defending Franco the Fascist of the Spanish Civil War of the mid-30s!!!

    Just sayin’,

    Robert Allen

    Posted by boba123
  4. November 18, 2014 at 1:30 pm #

    Allen, you know so little it is impossible to rebut your points. A Republican congress created the CIA. Truman blunders led to the Korean War. 34,000 Americans died in Korea. 58,000 died in Vietnam because of Kennedy and Johnson blunders and stupidity. Eisenhower refused to send troops to Vietnam. Franco was good for Span and Spain is a viable democracy today. The position you yell about in Spain was a total misrepresentation of what I wrote. Your ignorance befits your lack of knowledge. I wrote that many of the characteristics in Spanish politics of 1932-35 were present in today’s American politics. The article did not side with Franco who wasn’t even a player in those years. You misunderstood, you misunderstand anything that I have written because you don’t credit my point of view. Too bad for you.

    Posted by Raoul Contreras


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