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Simon Conway, WHO radio personality, is not a Republican presidential candidate, but he is almost as influential as one because he interviews one of them almost every day.     EN español

By Dave Leach, Family Music Center, www.Saltshaker.US. Translated by Ariadna Gonzalez-Agostini, Family Development Specialist. This was written in August, 2012 and submitted in vain to Iowa Latino newspapers, and never posted or published until December 31, 2016 at Although posted 4 years after the event, the need to reach Simon Conway is still just as great.

Therefore it is important to understand his views of immigration. Where he misunderstands, it is important for us to tell him what we have experienced. Email him at, or call him on his show at 284-1040 between 4pm and 7pm Monday through Friday. It is also important that we share with each other whatever answers he gives any of us, so that our understanding of him can be complete. Please share whatever you learn about him with me at HispanicHope@Saltshaker.US Or call 515-480-3398.

On July 26, he consented to a debate with immigration attorney Michael Said. A bilingual video of the first half of the debate is posted at

Here are just a few of his statements, and questions they raise, which perhaps you can help me get him to answer. Simon Conway is an immigrant from England. He spoke eloquently about outrageous experiences he had through 7-1/2 years of immigration bureaucracy. He said “Immigration law is an absolute nightmare. It has to be changed. It has to become much easier to come into the United States legally.” He wants to “simplify legal entry into the United States” and “secure the border” at the same time. But he later said that he wants “enforcement first” before we “reform the system” because we “don’t want to reward lawbreakers”, and he sees no need to raise the Numerical Limitations that only allow a few to come legally, because “there are no jobs that citizens don’t want.”

He also wants much stiffer penalties for coming here illegally. If you are as curious as I am about the following questions, please help me get him to answer.

1. How can you be so horrified by the relatively light burden of lucky people like yourself whom the Liberty Lottery granted one of its few legal slots, and so determined to increase the burdens for your fellow immigrants whose legal slot you were able to grab?

2. Whether or not it is true that citizens want every job, what does that have to do with anything? Everyone who comes here and takes a job, creates a job because he requires the services of others to stay here. Thus the number of jobs available is always proportional to the population. Back to the question you were asked July 26: won’t securing the border be a lot easier if nonviolent, hard working immigrants are allowed to come through the legal checkpoints, leaving very few motivated to cross between them? In the same way that raising the speed limit from 5 mph, which makes “speeders” of 99% of drivers, to 50, will reduce the need for highway patrolman from more than anyone can afford to a manageable level?

3. If you want legal immigration to be easier, without raising numerical limitations, how do you process Michael Said’s statement that “most undocumented immigrants have an application pending”? Most “illegals” ARE the folks you want to help who are coming legally but find themselves out of status from time to time as the processing of their forms is held up to avoid exceeding Numerical Limitations. Said said, “People have been waiting 15 years for their papers. I have people with nervous breakdowns in my office, the green card so close, but not there” in violation of the government’s own procedures.

4. Isn’t “enforcing existing laws because we don’t want to reward lawbreakers” an argument for never fixing our broken immigration laws? Whenever you fix a dumb law, that changes who the law classifies as a lawbreaker. Reforming any complex code will make some who violated the dumb law innocent by the fixed law, and vice versa. Don’t lawmakers have enough trouble fixing broken laws already, without us forbidding them from even trying?

The following is from a poster made up to announce the July 26, 2012 debate between Simon Conway and immigration attorney Michael Said:

Simon Conway, WHO radio talk show host in Des Moines, IA, is an immigrant who wants other immigrants to suffer a lot more than he did

MICHAEL SAID “For more than 14 years, the Law Offices of Michael H. Said, P.C. have offered caring yet aggressive legal services for immigrants and their families in Iowa. We can help in all immigration matters such as deportation defense, family visa petitions, employment visa petitions, motions to reopen, appeals and much more. Our experience is invaluable to anyone facing removal or deportation from the United States. When you need an immigration lawyer, please contact Michael H. Said.” (

SIMON CONWAY replaced Steve Deace on WHO Radio (1040 AM) from 4-7pm Mon-Fri. He is an immigrant who once addressed a naturalization ceremony. He opposes illegal immigration, but he supports a simpler way to come here legally.“I also want it to mean something. This is the greatest nation on the face of the earth! If you choose to be here, then you need to understand it.”He writes, “Freedom has been paid for in the blood of America’s finest. So it is shocking…that so many people seem happy to simply give it up. Freedom is precious. It must be continually defended and nurtured, or we will lose it.” (

Presidential candidates will set the tone for immigration law for the next 4 years. During the next 6 months, presidential candidates will spend more time in Iowa than in any other state. We have a wonderful opportunity to influence them. Simon Conway interviews presidential candidates almost every day. We have a rare opportunity to meet him July 26. He immigrated from Great Britain, so he knows some of the injustices of immigration law. But he thinks “illegals” should come legally, like he did. Michael Said challenges people who say his client should “get in line like everybody else”: he will give them his annual salary if they will tell him HOW his client can come legally! Come help us understand what immigration law does to people, and discuss how we ought to change it.

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