Disease: consequence of restrictionism

Disease floods across the border with undocumented immigrants, but it is a problem caused by restricting legal immigration, and solved by expanding it.

WorldNetDailyNews complains today that “Deadly diseases [are] crossing the border with illegals”.

After a reminder of the whole range of accusations against undocumented immigrants, WND adds:

[We are being invaded by] diseases the U.S. had controlled or virtually eradicated: tuberculosis (TB), Chagas disease, dengue fever, hepatitis, malaria, measles, plus more. TB is highly contagious …The drug-resistant TB now coming across our borders requires a complex, extremely expensive treatment regimen that has serious side effects and a low cure rate. Chagas, or “kissing bug” disease, [is] already here, [but] not as widespread as in Latin America…so many doctors do not think to check for it….It can kill by arrhythmias, congestive heart failure or sudden cardiac arrest. Vaccine-preventable diseases like chicken pox, measles and whooping cough spread like wildfire among unvaccinated children. Other illnesses, along with scabies and head lice, also thrive as children are transported by bus and herded into crowded shelters – courtesy of the federal government.

It’s a serious problem, but a problem perpetuated by restrictionists like WND, Center for Immigation Studies, and FAIR; not by expansionists such as CafeConLeche Republicans, the CATO Institute, or the Free Enterprise Institute.

There is no realistic plan for stopping or even significantly reducing the flow of undocumented immigration. One of restrictionist senator Jeff Sessions’ reasons for voting against the Immigration Compromise of 2007 was the report from the Congressional Budget Office that even with E-verify (then called EEVS) undocumented immigration would only be reduced 13% over several years. I don’t know what has changed since then, except that the CBO’s report didn’t take into account the error rate of E-verify. I suppose if the error rate were taken into account the reduction would be zero or less.

What do we know about this legislation? It does not give us border security. The Congressional Budget Office, our own analysis team, has looked at this bill and concluded in the next 20 years we will have another 8.7 million people in our country illegally. It will only reduce illegal immigration by 13 percent. That is what our own staff, under the majority leader’s control, has told us.”(Page S8638 of the Congressional Record)

But if quotas (“numerical limitations”) on how many we allow to come legally were repealed, so that the 99.9% of immigrants with no violent background who just want to work could come through the legal checkpoints, part of the process would be a medical exam. Truly contagious people could be quarantined or sent back depending on circumstances. Most of the problems could be arrested by fairly simple treatments, once diagnosed.

There is no need to imagine these costs would be borne by taxpayers, either. With repeal of quotas would (or should) come massive simplification of the bureaucracy.  If immigrants didn’t have to spend tens of thousands of dollars each just paying immigration fees and crooked pseudo lawyers, there would be plenty of resources to help new immigrants.

Here is a win-win solution; what is best for both citizens and immigrants – the kind of solution God would think of, which is a coincidence because it is God’s solution.

Here is God’s immigration policy advice.

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