Democrats Kill a Another Great GOP Immigration Policy

By Raoul Lowery Contreras – Sunday morning: With, a 9:00 a.m. medical appointment at my San Diego health provider, I head for a neighboring Cambodian-owned donut shop for coffee and a roll. On the road I listen to a San Diego Charger pre-game show hosted by the son of an immigrant named Lazlovic and co-hosted by an Australian Football player who came to America for a stellar career in the National Football League. At the hospital my dressing is changed by a Filipina nurse who has been here 20 years. Did I mention I was born in Mexico City?


President Barack Obama and his merry band of Democrat immigration saboteurs have stopped immigration reform again in the Democrat, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid controlled band of mental midgets called the U.S. Senate.

“Brilliant” New York Senator, Harvard-man Chuck Schumer using “fairness” as an excuse sabotaged the Republican effort.

John Boehner’s Republican-controlled House of Representatives passed a bill last week that effectively canceled the “lottery” green card program that allowed mostly Africans to come to the U.S. and substituted a program that would grant the Permanent Residency cards (Green cards) to those with graduate degrees from U.S. colleges in science, technology engineering and mathematics.

These are called STEM visas.

The Associated Press (AP) reports “Senate Republican John Cornyn of Texas sought unanimous consent to consider the bill that provides some 55,000 green cards a year to those with master’s and doctorate degrees from U.S. colleges…”


Our most Entrepreneurial immigrants have advanced degrees in science and engineering and start a plethora of high tech companies. Unfortunately our broken immigration system keeps many out of America

“We all know that America’s immigration system is broken, but in particular by driving away highly skilled foreign workers who want to start businesses and create jobs right here in America,” Senator Cornyn told the AP.

Senator Schumer told the AP that he objected to Cornyn’s request because “what we don’t do is take away other visas or add in other extraneous positions” to create new visas.

The Democrat-controlled clown group — the Congressional Hispanic Caucus – told the AP that “Republicans were trying to pick winners and losers among different (less educated and poorer) people who want to gain permanent residency.”

The Republican bill would have also eased process for the spouses and families of people with green cards to enter the United States while awaiting their own green card applications to be approved.

Cornyn asked for “unanimous consent” from the Senate to take up the bill for consideration, not for approval of the House bill, just to consider it. “Unanimous consent” is how the Senate usually does business. It takes but one Senator to object to kill the question. It normally doesn’t happen often. However, on Harry Reid’s watch it happens all the time – if the request is by a Republican.

The House spearheaded (No Al Sharpton, Chris Mathews, Eugene Robinson, that doesn’t mean the racially-insensitive “spear chucker) a very productive change in immigration policy. It would have added much needed improvement to the granting of permanent residence cards (Green Cards) to people we need who come here from all over the world to earn graduate degrees in critical areas and under current policies get their degrees and are forced to go home to work in competition with the United States.

A positive Republican immigration policy reform and the Democrats shoot it down. Just like Obama and his Democrats did in 2007 when they torpedoed the comprehensive immigration reform program George W. Bush offered up twice. Obama and Harry Reid killed that effort in 2007 and have yet to offer anything that can be called comprehensive immigration reform. It resembles what Obama and five Democrat Senators did when they killed the Dream Act which would have legalized people brought here illegally as children.

House Republicans conceived, voted for and passed this policy change on Green Cards in the House and Democrats voted against it, especially the clowns in the Democrat-controlled Congressional Hispanic Caucus, because it isn’t “fair” to choose “winners and losers” from among accomplished, educated people holding advanced degrees in critical and poorly educated Africans (poorly educated Africans and Middle Eastern Arabs benefit disproportionately in the lottery system).

This is a touchdown for Republicans.

As Obama is intent on destroying the Republican Party, his minions Reid and Schumer are throwing up obstacles on anything that might give Republicans credit for anything. This immigration policy change is a perfect example of the viciousness of Obama and his troops. They stop anything, no matter how productive, how generous and how positive it is to short-circuit Republican efforts to govern intelligently.

Schumer says he has his own bill. That bill hasn’t been introduced, it hasn’t been passed by the House and it is in fact not available to be read. Maybe House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is right: Maybe we have to pass Schumer’s bill to see what is in it.

Editors note: as with all blog postings that appear with a by-line, the opinions presented are the author’s and not necessarily the positions of Cafe Con Leche Republicans.


Raoul Contreras Lowery

Raoul Contreras Lowery

Raoul Lowery Contreras (1941) was born in Mexico, raised in the USA. Former U.S. Marine, athlete, Dean’s List at San Diego State. Professional political consultant and California Republican Party official(1963-65)…Television news commentator, radio talk show host…published Op-Ed writer (1988 to present)…author of 12 books (as of 1-05-12). His books are available on

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Raoul Lowery Contreras (1941) was born in Mexico, raised in the USA. Former U.S. Marine, athlete, Dean’s List at San Diego State. Professional political consultant and California Republican Party official (1963-65)…Television news commentator, radio talk show host…published Op-Ed writer (1988 to present)…author of 12 books (as of 1-05-12). His books are available at

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  1. December 9, 2012 at 8:26 pm #

    My, OH My, My Raoul – You and your sense of Eletism – are once more – OVER the top!!!!

    You, Raoul – are advocating for an Elete group that you, personally, Raoul, are NOT even a member of. From your brief Bio above, Raoul, I have a sense that you ONLY have an under graduate degree! Thank goodness, Raoul !!!!! – this Blog Space is NOT limited to only those with Graduate degrees – although with a Masters degree myself, I would certainly qualify in being a part of the Elete, Raoul – that you are advocating for !!!!

    Raoul – YOU seem to forget – that the 70% of the Rank and File Hispanics who voted for Obama – do NOT have Graduate degrees !!!!! You Raoul – ALSO seem to forget that the MAJORITY of Latinos who WANT Visas and/or Citizenship in the U.S. of A. – ALSO – do NOT have Graduate degrees !!!! So – WHO – Raoul IS the Audiance whom you are ATTEMPTING to address – in your above comment ?????

    I betcha, Raoul – that YOU – DON’T have a clue – as to the audiance that you are attempting to reach !!!!!

    AND THEN – Raoul – you go about MIS-representing Senator Schumer’s bill – Senate Bill 3553 – which is STILL in committee – thus, as you say – “hasn’t been introduced” – BUT, Raoul – you LIE about NOT being able to read the bill – which anyone (but you, appearently) MAY READ at –

    SO, Raoul – WHY would you LIE about something that is easily FOUND on the internet ?????? Could it be, Raoul – that because YOU can’t find the puppy on the internet – that this would mean – that NO PERSON could find the puppy of the internet ??????

    Just askin’ !!!!!

    Robert Allen

    Posted by boba123


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