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Ronald Reagan

#Trump on #Reagan Tax Cuts: “absolute catastrophe for the country”

By Bob Quasius – Donald Trump is proposing a massive Reagan style tax cuts and loves hearing comparisons of himself to Ronald Reagan. However, it was a completely different story in 1991 when liberal Democrats in Congress called Donald Trump to testify as one of their economic experts! Hear it for yourself: Trump was very explicit […]

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Dennis Black Nursing Homes

The Nursing Home Industry – The Shame of Substandard Care

By Sharon Sebastian – It is rare that politicians step into the nightmare of shame that is today’s nursing home industry in an effort to protect the innocent and condemn an industry rife with greed and substandard care. “Nursing homes are rapidly becoming nothing other than legalized scams…a place to ‘warehouse’ the elderly, suck away their […]

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O’Reilly & Krauthammer Miscued on Clues to Obama’s Climate Agenda

by Sharon Sebastian – The O’Reilly Factor‘s Bill O’Reilly pressed renowned columnist and commentator Charles Krauthammer for an answer. O’Reilly wanted to know why President Barack Obama is so relentless in his drive to convince the world that global warming is a bigger threat than ISIS.  Krauthammer gave a frank psychoanalysis of Obama, but it failed […]

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John Kerry

The Road to War With Radical Islam

John Kerry is wrong. The Secretary of State displayed a dire lack of knowledge when he stated that the world is “not in a war of civilizations.” The enemy can only smirk at the naiveté or seeming ignorance of yet another American leader that blurs the reality of an ancient war in modern times. Kerry […]

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whoopi goldberg christians

ABC, Hate Speech & Whoopi Goldberg

By Sharon Sebastian – Like so many trapped in their own illogical thinking without knowing the facts, ABC Talk Show Host Whoopi Goldberg contorts both truth and history. Ironically, Goldberg’s comments have historical bearing as they pose a threat to Christians worldwide. It is a threat that must not easily be dismissed. In regard to the […]

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ted cruz cuban anti-immigrant

Appeal to Cruz

Appeal to Cruz To: two staffers for Senator Ted Cruz’ run for President Thank you for offering to get a response from Cruz or someone who can speak for him. I am by no means being patronizing when I say I have deep respect for someone who can take a case to the Supreme Court […]

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Government’s Dangerous Sixth Estate

By Sharon Sebastian – Threat, danger or a growing menace, it is all of those. Like in-coming from multiple directions, its onerous policies portend extensive upheaval and damage in the lives of Americans. It simultaneously provides free stuff for some while placing harsh restrictions on others. In time, all will suffer its consequences. It is […]

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trans-pacific partnership, tpp

Trans-Pacific Partnership Free Traders: Mexico, Chile and Peru

By Raoul Lowery Contreras – Mexico, Peru and Chile have joined the big boys of world trade. Mexican-made cars are sold in 100 countries thanks to Mexico having 44 free-trade agreements around the world. Peruvian avocados are sold in ubiquitous Costco’s around the U.S., the same with avocados from Mexico. When California grapes are out of […]

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know nothings know nothingism

Response to the Reactionaries

Despite myself, I am somewhat fascinated with reactionaries. (For those a bit confused who on who these folks are The American Conservative has good introduction to them) For starters some of them are exceptionally witty, albeit in a horrifying manner. In addition, as a conservative of traditionalist and libertarian leanings I am sympathetic to wishing […]

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Jonathon DuHammel global warming climate change climate denier global warming

What keeps Earth warm – the greenhouse effect or something else?

by Jonathan DuHamel – Planet Earth is 33 degrees C warmer than a theoretical planet without an atmosphere would be. Climate alarmists attribute this warmth to the radiative effects of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. But there is another, more basic mechanism which accounts for the surface temperature, gravity. Arizona’s Grand Canyon provides an example. […]

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