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The Senate’s 7 Undocumented Economists

Might the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee discussion March 17 of the economic impact of H1B workers [high skilled immigrants] been any less confusing, or enjoyed any more resolution, had the Senate allowed an economist to testify? By Dave Leach. This article is part of a series: Parade of the Undocumented Economists <> The Senate’s 7 Undocumented […]

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Temores por ébola desencadenan una reacción exagerada contra inmigrantes latinos

CNN en español: Algunos republicanos latinos han tratado de distanciarse de los temores en relación al ébola e ISIS en las fronteras. “Me entristece ver que algunos conservadores utilizan el miedo a las enfermedades mortales para impulsar una agenda de restricción a la inmigración. Sus afirmaciones generalmente son muy exageradas y estoy especialmente decepcionado del […]

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Cafe Con Leche Republicans

Ebola fears spark backlash against Latino immigrants

On Ebola backlash, from CNN: Some Latino Republicans have tried to distance themselves from the Ebola and ISIS border fears. “I am saddened to see some conservatives use fear of deadly diseases to push an immigration restriction agenda. Their claims are generally vastly overblown and I am especially disappointed in Rep. Phil Gingrey, who is […]

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Immigrants and Ebola

Let me start by saying that, yes, Ebola is a legitimate concern and individuals traveling from west Africa to the United States (or anywhere else) are a possible threat for the spread of Ebola. However the belief that immigrants, legal and otherwise, coming to the United States from Latin America, will spread Ebola in the […]

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Why is America deporting border refugees to the murder capital of the world?

On Monday, July 14, the first wave of 38 deportees from the border crisis arrived back in their home country of Honduras. The country’s first lady and members of the media were there to greet them. Promises were made that the 38 refugees, all single women and children, would be taken care of, but the […]

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Child Refugees: The Conservative Guide

This story is moving to me on a variety of levels. On a political level, my belief in free market, conservative immigration principles means I immediately sympathize with these refugees’ desire to live a better life in the United States. However for me it goes deeper than that. It has become very personal. Both my […]

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Surge in immigrant kids challenges both parties

From the Dallas Morning News article “Surge in immigrant kids challenges both parties” by Mercedes Olivera, a quote from our news release about the Texas Law Enforcement Surge. Victor Medina, Texas leader of Café con Leche Republicans, a pro-immigrant group, said in a statement that a surge in humanitarian assistance is also needed. “The Border […]

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Jack Bauer and ninjas beat Hillary Clinton in TV ratings

Have faith, folks: there’s hope for America yet. It seems voters aren’t exactly crazy for Hillary Clinton. Monday night saw the much-heralded ABC interview between Hillary Clinton and her mainstream media BFF Diane Sawyer. The interview dominated news broadcasts in the days leading up to broadcast, as Clinton’s new book, Hard Choices, is due to […]

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Oops! Wendy Davis calls an unborn child a ‘baby’ in ‘Abortion Barbie’ open letter

Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis’ latest fundraising tactic involves an open letter she reportedly penned in response to the “Abortion Barbie” poster controversy. While she attempts to play the helpless victim in the open letter, including referring to her critics as “attackers,” Davis may have made her biggest political blunder to date. In the open […]

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ANUNCIO POLÉMICO : Maria Conchita Alonso Criticada por Apoyar a un Candidato Antiinmigrante Tim Donnelly

by Bob Quasius Desde Newsbreaker en español: La propaganda de Tim Donnelly, que es muy insultando a los hispanos.

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