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rand paul

Rand Paul: a letter to his staff

A couple of years ago I had the opportunity to slip Senator Rand Paul a copy of my Bible study on immigration, at a conference for pastors. But since then I have been unable to get a response from him or his staff. So it was wonderful to get an email from his Western Iowa […]

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Ben Carson

Questioning Carson

I had a chance last night to personally hand Ben Carson, Republican presidential candidate, the card below. There was no conversation. It was a miracle I had even that opportunity. I am afraid I will not be able to get my question answered without your help. By Dave Leach, August 9, 2015 I had hoped […]

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Meet Rubio over lunch FREE

“No, I didn’t know that”, Senator Marco Rubio answered me July 8 at a Westside Conservatives meeting. He referred to the first fact on the card I showed him, pictured below. He seemed intrigued. I had told him the card had information I believe would neutralize critics of his immigration policy. By Dave Leach, August […]

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Steve King GOP immigration platform immigration reform

Santorum, King trust this

“Not true”, Senator Rick Santorum, Republican presidential candidate, told me when I showed him a card saying economists agree that immigration benefits citizens. “The studies saying that are older. When they came out I was on the other side [with you expansionists.]” He said when they were superseded with the newer more accurate studies he […]

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refugees Syria

The US should be a home for refugees

By Alex Nowrasteh – There are about 60 million refugees worldwide today — more than at any time since the end of World War II. Every day last year, 42,500 people became refugees. The civil war in Syria has added more to that total than any other conflict. June 20 is World Refugee Day and […]

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Ben Carson

Ben Carson: economists no help understanding the economy

By Dave Leach – This morning I finally had an opportunity to ask Dr. Ben Carson, presidential candidate, “When we need to understand the economic impact of immigration, do you think we would be better off listening to experts who actually have degrees in economics?” I had expected him to answer “well of course”, and […]

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Dave Leach immigration reform

Get America back on track

Consensus by reasoning in a fair forum guarantees success  to the extent those with compelling information needn’t leave the forum to share it. By Dave Leach – “How do you think we get America back on track” was the question asked by Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, Republican presidential candidate. He set up a website to […]

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Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan and his take on immigration amnesty

Amnesty is defined as forgiveness, a very Christian concept, but the term has been tainted in the extreme rhetoric that is the immigration debate today. Ronald Reagan, however, understood that many of the foreign nationals who come here undocumented or whose legal residency lapsed were inherently honest and good, just desperate for a better way […]

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Dave Leach immigration reform

Immigration quotas as unlawful as slavery

By Dave Leach – A debate about slavery in 1850 between two Congressmen explains how the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution outlawed slavery, and is violated by quotas on how many immigrants are allowed to come legally. It is legal to violate the Constitution, if it is for very compelling reasons and our violation […]

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Adolf Hitler - Nazism and Darwinism

Hitler’s Undocumented Economist Solution

There is a classic scene from the movie “Downfall”, about Hitler’s last days in an underground bunker, that has been pirated to add different English subtitles to, usually with very funny results. I found the website where you can do that. Here is the resulting video, and below that, the transcript: Officer: We’re rounding up […]

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