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AARP’s Stake in Immigration Reform

AARP wants to save Social Security – there are only 2.5 taxpayers for every recipient. More immigration would directly raise that threatening ratio. AARP, the organization for senior citizens, is pushing hard for reform of Social Security. John Hishta, the Sr. Vice President of Campaigns for AARP, spoke in Des Moines Wednesday morning about the […]

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Donald Trump

Trump is Against Legal Immigration Too

By Alex Nowrasteh – When I criticize Donald Trump’s immigration policy proposals, the most common response is some variant of “Trump is against ILLEGAL immigration, not LEGAL immigration. Get your facts straight.” Although Trump makes contradictory statements on many topics, allowing virtually any supporter to find a quote in support of his or her preferred policy […]

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EE.UU.: El derecho a la ciudadanía por nacimiento fomenta la asimilación

Alex Nowrasteh – Muchos Republicanos están peleándose para hacer eco del llamado que hizo Donald Trumppara ponerle fin al derecho a la ciudadanía por nacimiento. Los expertos estarán debatiendo la legalidad de esto por algún tiempo —muchos dicen que se requeriría una enmienda constitucional— pero el impacto en el mundo real del derecho a la […]

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How to Deal with Immigrant Crime

By Alex Nowrasteh – Immigrants are less crime-prone than native-born Americans but that is small solace to those affected by criminals born in another country. Since 2010, 124 unlawful immigrants released by the U.S. government have been charged with 135 homicide-related crimes according to information obtained by the House Judiciary Committee. Many of those criminals were released […]

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Ted Cruz immigration natural born citizen

Personal to Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz sent me an email today asking for money. What was different was that it begins: “Ted Cruz Personal Email — May Include Privileged Communication” By Dave Leach, April 18, 2016 Dreaming about really writing a personal letter to Cruz, I wrote the rest of the day. Until more email with the same message […]

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Dave Leach immigration reform

Whose Expertise Inspired Our Immigration Laws?

Who are the expert witnesses who advised Congress to create the scores of different visas with their thousands of requirements in the U.S. Code, agency regulations, and case law, that are too complicated to apply for without an immigration lawyer? What science persuaded Congress that is the best system for citizens? By Dave Leach. Posted […]

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Setting Immigration Quotas – the Mystery of the Wages

Summary: What is the science that documents that our immigration quotas are the magic number, below which all immigration blesses us and above which all immigration destroys us? Are quota levels ever questioned? Missing from the national discussion is any realization that quotas are set without reference to any measure of how many immigrants we […]

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Donald Trump Arnold Schwarzenegger

Donald Trump & Arnold: Profiles in Mendacity

  By Joseph Laughon – Driving home from work, the thought immediately struck me: President Donald Trump will be the national equivalent of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Frankly I don’t know how the comparison isn’t made more frequently. I could only find one article from Vanity Fair and one other from the Washington Post on the how […]

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Immigration Resources

An overview of the immigration research of Dave Leach A win-win solution, as much a blessing for citizens as for immigrants. Response to all the paranoid claims and concerns of reductionists. A solution inspired by the Word of God, who loves citizens and immigrants. By Dave Leach, January 30, 2016. Contents: General links to my […]

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DACA in Court: the threat, the opportunity

Needed: Dreamers to ask lawyers; lawyers to join a unique Amicus Two days ago the Supreme Court agreed to decide a case that will determine whether millions who were brought to the U.S. by their parents as children get to stay in the only country many of them have ever known. The deadline is fast […]

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