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Why is America deporting border refugees to the murder capital of the world?

On Monday, July 14, the first wave of 38 deportees from the border crisis arrived back in their home country of Honduras. The country’s first lady and members of the media were there to greet them. Promises were made that the 38 refugees, all single women and children, would be taken care of, but the […]

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Mexican Immigration Policy Lowers the Cost of Central American Migration to the US

By Alex Nowrasteh – One persistent American complaint about the Mexican government’s opposition to immigration laws like Arizona’s SB-1070 is that Mexico’s immigration policy is far more restrictive than that of the United States or anything proposed in Arizona. In 2010, Representative Ted Poe (R-TX) articulately pointed out the Mexican government’s blatant hypocrisy. Brutal Mexican […]

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Why Aren’t Child Migrants Fleeing to the U.S. From Nicaragua?

By Alex Nowrasteh – U.S. policy is equally generous to unaccompanied children (UAC) from El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua — but today’s child migrants are not coming from Nicaragua. Explaining why Nicaraguan UAC are not part of the recent surge may help explain why so many are coming from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras […]

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House Bill Eviscerates Asylum System, Deports Child Trafficking Victims

By Alex Nowrasteh - President Obama recently asked Congress for authority to treat Central American children in the same way the government treats Mexican children. The Asylum Reform and Border Protection Act (H.R. 5137), introduced today by Reps. Chaffetz (R-UT) and Goodlatte (R-VA), Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, goes beyond the President’s request. The bill […]

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Open Borders?

By Raoul Lowery Contreras – “You must be happy, delirious that the Texas border is being overrun by your people,” declared the accusatory woman knowing my many-year long campaign for real immigration reform. “No,” I responded, “this crisis is delaying if not destroying prospects for immigration reform anytime soon.” That is so true. First, President […]

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Child Refugees: The Conservative Guide

This story is moving to me on a variety of levels. On a political level, my belief in free market, conservative immigration principles means I immediately sympathize with these refugees’ desire to live a better life in the United States. However for me it goes deeper than that. It has become very personal. Both my […]

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Crisis in the Halls of Montezuma

By Raoul Lowery Contreras – A United States Marine war veteran enters a fourth month of incarceration in a Tijuana jail. Crisis. Thousands of Central American children are making their way through a couple thousand kilometers of Mexico from its southern border with Guatemala to its border with Texas. Crisis. These are the two current […]

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Immigration Enforcement Aids Smugglers – Unaccompanied Children Edition

By Alex Nowrasteh – The increase of human smugglers transporting unauthorized immigrants to the United States is likely a consequence of more effective border enforcement. Although the Obama administration has de-emphasized internal immigration enforcement after 2011, his administration has ramped up enforcement along the border – focusing on increasing the legal and economic costs imposed […]

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The Border Terrorism Myth

One of the concerns that people bring up in regards to the US-Mexico border is that an easing of border restrictions would threaten American national security. This is due to a belief that the US-Mexico border is currently a hotbed of terrorist activities, namely the smuggling of jihadists into the United States through our southern […]

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Why Immigrant Children Are at Our Door

By Bob Quasius – I was pleased to participate in a Latino Rebels radio show on Sunday June 29, 2014, talking about the humanitarian crisis with immigrant children on our Southern border. I provided a conservative pro-immigration point of view. Here’s a podcast of the show. Enjoy! Online News Radio at Blog Talk Radio with […]

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