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Costs to citizens of ending birthright citizenship – Birthright Idiotship

Should babies of “illegal aliens” born here be counted as citizens? And while we’re checking, does the Constitution answer this: may we enslave “illegals”? The answer depends on the meaning of “jurisdiction” in the 14th Amendment according, some say, to what one Senator in 1866 meant by one sentence. Half the Republican presidential candidates want […]

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rand paul

Rand Paul: a letter to his staff

A couple of years ago I had the opportunity to slip Senator Rand Paul a copy of my Bible study on immigration, at a conference for pastors. But since then I have been unable to get a response from him or his staff. So it was wonderful to get an email from his Western Iowa […]

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Meet Rubio over lunch FREE

“No, I didn’t know that”, Senator Marco Rubio answered me July 8 at a Westside Conservatives meeting. He referred to the first fact on the card I showed him, pictured below. He seemed intrigued. I had told him the card had information I believe would neutralize critics of his immigration policy. By Dave Leach, August […]

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Ben Carson

Ben Carson: economists no help understanding the economy

By Dave Leach – This morning I finally had an opportunity to ask Dr. Ben Carson, presidential candidate, “When we need to understand the economic impact of immigration, do you think we would be better off listening to experts who actually have degrees in economics?” I had expected him to answer “well of course”, and […]

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Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan and his take on immigration amnesty

Amnesty is defined as forgiveness, a very Christian concept, but the term has been tainted in the extreme rhetoric that is the immigration debate today. Ronald Reagan, however, understood that many of the foreign nationals who come here undocumented or whose legal residency lapsed were inherently honest and good, just desperate for a better way […]

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Ted Cruz immigration natural born citizen

2015 first Senate immigration hearing highlights

The Senate Judiciary Committee held its first immigration hearing March 17. Here are some highlights of the conversation, from the perspective of claims made about the economic impact of H1B visas, [visas for highly skilled workers], by “expert” witnesses with no expertise in economics. By Dave Leach. This article is part of a series: Parade […]

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E-Verify’s Slippery Slope

By Alex Nowrasteh – Federal programs are notorious for mission creep. Small programs intended to address specific concerns typically grow far beyond their original bounds. Social Security numbers are a prime example: They initially were intended to track personal income in order to calculate Social Security benefits, but now they are indispensable for access to […]

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chuck grassley amnesty gang of eight immigration reform

Letter to Senator Grassley

Dave Leach, Christian conservative activist El Enfoque 137 E. Leach Des Moines IA 50315 To Beth Levine,,, Hi! My question for Senator Grassley: “When your committee holds hearings on immigration laws, will senators hear most from economists about how more legal immigration will help the U.S. economy, or from Undocumented Economists […]

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border security Border States of America amnesty

House “Secure our Borders First Act” on Immigration Is Bad From the Start

by Alex Gonzalez – On Friday, the House Judiciary Committee passed an immigration bill, the“Secure our Borders First Act”,  to “secure the border” and build “interior” enforcement agencies. In essence, this bill grows the scope of government and fixes nothing. Regrettably, the bill utterly fails to address the concerns of businesses that have asked Republicans […]

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Little-known law allows U.S. citizens to assist immigrants in court

When foreign nationals need representation in immigration court, they usually turn to attorneys. However, many foreign nationals cannot afford a lawyer, or have a case that an attorney may not want to bother with. Most end up having to represent themselves in court. That leaves potentially millions of immigrants without a voice in the process, […]

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