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Worse than Obama?

It is hard to imagine any greater threat to our nation than Obama’s 8 years, until you consider that had Republicans been in charge, we would be under E-Verify and Real ID by now. By Dave Leach. Posted November 26, 2015, Thanksgiving. If anything written here is wrong, please correct me. I like thoughtful, well-sourced […]

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dhs sanctuary city

Sanctuary City v. Priority Enforcement Program: Pure Politics?

by Alex Gonzalez – Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick says that the will “use fast-track procedures to crack down on “sanctuary” policies for undocumented immigrants if a special session were to be called.” Nevertheless, The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) own federal program guidelines clearly state that county jails should: maintain custody of the priority individual for a […]

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refugees Syria

Syrian Refugees Don’t Pose a Serious Security Threat

By Alex Nowrasteh – Of the 859,629 refugees admitted from 2001 onwards, only three have been convicted of planning terrorist attacks on targets outside of the United States, and none was successfully carried out. That is one terrorism-planning conviction for every 286,543 refugees that have been admitted. To put that in perspective, about 1 in […]

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ted cruz cuban anti-immigrant

Appeal to Cruz

Appeal to Cruz To: two staffers for Senator Ted Cruz’ run for President Thank you for offering to get a response from Cruz or someone who can speak for him. I am by no means being patronizing when I say I have deep respect for someone who can take a case to the Supreme Court […]

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Enforcement Didn’t End Unlawful Immigration in 1950s, More Visas Did

By Alex Nowrasteh – In last night’s Republican Presidential debate, Donald Trump argued that President Eisenhower immigration enforcement plan called Operation Wetback (Trump didn’t use that horrendous name) drastically reduced unlawful immigration in the early 1950s. He said: “Let me just tell you that Dwight Eisenhower. Good president. Great president. People liked him. I liked […]

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E-Verify’s fatal problems

Undocumented Economists say we need E-Verify to stop the huge cost of “amnesty”. In fact, Without E-Verify, there probably is no other strategy for reducing our undocumented immigrant population. But E-Verify doesn’t stop “amnesty”. Which is fortunate because “amnesty” gives citizens more than it takes. Meanwhile, E-Verify may cost us everything. Here are E-Verify problems […]

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Bobby Jindal

Jindal Dialog

Governor Bobby Jindal said he would judge a future House speaker by looking him in the eye and asking if he will fight for Republicans like Nancy Pelosi fights for Democrats. I looked him in the eye to see if he will fight that hard for reality in immigration. I am concerned. But not without […]

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Steve King GOP immigration platform immigration reform

Steve King dialog

No one I know of is a more “immigration reductionist” (the preferred term of NumbersUSA) than Iowa Congressman Steve King, and no one I know of is more “expansionist” – wanting to repeal numerical limits on legal immigration, leaving only limits like background checks and finding a sponsor – than myself. But we had a […]

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Birthright citizenship pro-life

Costs to citizens of ending birthright citizenship – Birthright Idiotship

Should babies of “illegal aliens” born here be counted as citizens? And while we’re checking, does the Constitution answer this: may we enslave “illegals”? The answer depends on the meaning of “jurisdiction” in the 14th Amendment according, some say, to what one Senator in 1866 meant by one sentence. Half the Republican presidential candidates want […]

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rand paul

Rand Paul: a letter to his staff

A couple of years ago I had the opportunity to slip Senator Rand Paul a copy of my Bible study on immigration, at a conference for pastors. But since then I have been unable to get a response from him or his staff. So it was wonderful to get an email from his Western Iowa […]

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