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House “Secure our Borders First Act” on Immigration Is Bad From the Start

by Alex Gonzalez – On Friday, the House Judiciary Committee passed an immigration bill, the“Secure our Borders First Act”,  to “secure the border” and build “interior” enforcement agencies. In essence, this bill grows the scope of government and fixes nothing. Regrettably, the bill utterly fails to address the concerns of businesses that have asked Republicans […]

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Little-known law allows U.S. citizens to assist immigrants in court

When foreign nationals need representation in immigration court, they usually turn to attorneys. However, many foreign nationals cannot afford a lawyer, or have a case that an attorney may not want to bother with. Most end up having to represent themselves in court. That leaves potentially millions of immigrants without a voice in the process, […]

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Do Amnesties Increase Unlawful Immigration?

By Alex Nowrasteh – One popular argument against a legalization, or amnesty, of unlawful immigrants is that it will merely incentivize future unlawful immigration. Unlawful immigrants will be more likely to break immigration laws because they will eventually be legalized anyway, so why bother to attempt to enter legally (ignoring the fact that almost none […]

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Free Trade, Free Cuba

The United States has just announced a major policy shift in our relationship with Cuba, the details of which can be found here. The main changes include; – Reestablishing diplomatic relations; including setting up an embassy in Havana and engaging in bilateral talks in areas of mutual interest such as narco-trafficking. – Removing restrictions to […]

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Libertad Divertido

This is the index to a series. It will become bilingual as translations are completed. Here you will find links to each article in the series, as it is posted; also links to Youtube videos of the articles, and to a free ebook to which articles will be added as they are completed and translated. […]

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Immigrants and Ebola

Let me start by saying that, yes, Ebola is a legitimate concern and individuals traveling from west Africa to the United States (or anywhere else) are a possible threat for the spread of Ebola. However the belief that immigrants, legal and otherwise, coming to the United States from Latin America, will spread Ebola in the […]

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Obama’s Illegal Child Jails

by Bryan Johnson – The Obama administration is operating illegal child jails in New Mexico and Texas that put the lives of children at risk of serious illness, injury, or death. The reasoning is simple: the new jails opened in Artesia, New Mexico and Karnes City, Texas  violate important child care regulations by exposing children to an […]

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Moslem refugees

By Dave Leach – There are ways to minimize any threat that refugees fleeing to us from Moslem wars may include jihadists coming for the purpose of destroying us. It is not a perfect solution, relying, for its enforcement, upon humans, but it would dwarf the little that we do now, and it would not […]

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Pearls Before Swine – Refugee Children

By Lynn Atherton-Bloxham – Many American children grew up hearing the Biblical passage which cautions to “not cast your pearls before swine.” A child hearing that for the first time probably had a vague idea of what pearls were; similar to jewels, something of scarcity and value, therefore each one to be treasured. As adults if they […]

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Border patrols backfire

By Alex Nowrasteh – President Obama’s recent request for billions of dollars to address the surge in unaccompanied children across the U.S.-Mexico border has ignited fierce criticism. Republicans such as Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas blame Obama’s supposedly lax enforcement policies. Democrats blame the surge on a humanitarian crisis in Central America. While both narratives […]

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