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Santorum, King trust this

“Not true”, Senator Rick Santorum, Republican presidential candidate, told me when I showed him a card saying economists agree that immigration benefits citizens. “The studies saying that are older. When they came out I was on the other side [with you expansionists.]” He said when they were superseded with the newer more accurate studies he […]

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Donald Trump

The Conservative Response to Trump

Donald Trump has continued to make headlines, not only through the ostentatious, borderline decadent “announcement” of his presidential candidacy (I put this in scare quotes because I do not believe Trump in any way intends on actually attempting to be the President of the United States but instead is putting on an absurd performance art […]

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Ben Carson

Ben Carson: economists no help understanding the economy

By Dave Leach – This morning I finally had an opportunity to ask Dr. Ben Carson, presidential candidate, “When we need to understand the economic impact of immigration, do you think we would be better off listening to experts who actually have degrees in economics?” I had expected him to answer “well of course”, and […]

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jeb bush

Yes, Jeb Bush can be a “Hispanic,” and a Hispanic candidate

Who will be the “Hispanic” GOP candidate?  Yes, and Jeb Bush will be one of  them! By Alex Gonzalez – It all started when Politico published a piece saying Jeb Bush identified himself as Hispanic on a 2009 voter registration form; and it is possible that Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio – who is expected […]

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Steve King GOP immigration platform immigration reform

Los candidatos presidenciales Republicanos invaden Des Moines

La visión más clara de Iowa hasta ahora de lo que los candidatos presidenciales Republicanos piensan acerca de los inmigrantes fue visto el sábado en el Auditorio Sherman Hoyt en Des Moines. Se indica cómo hay de trabajo por hacer para sanar la ley de inmigración. Por Dave Leach; traducido por Araceli Caldbeck. Publicado en […]

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Susana Martinez Hispanic Governors

Hispanic Governors Brian Sandoval & Susana Martinez

By Raoul Lowery Contreras – Leading the GOP’s nuclear election returns last November were incumbent Hispanic governors — Brian Sandoval of Nevada with 70 percent of the state’s vote and Susana Martinez of New Mexico with 58 percent. Both are Mexican Americans. Note: Mexican Americans are 2/3rds of the 54 million national Hispanic population. They […]

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Hispanics Latinos melting pot

Republicans Plus Hispanics == 2016 Victory

By Raoul Lowery Contreras – The ongoing political devastation of the Clinton/Obama Democratic Party continues with the takeover of the United States Senate by the Republican Party. It started in 2010 at the first Obama midterm ballot box. Obama’s hurricane-aided 2012 reelection slowed GOP success but, as it turns out, didn’t stop it. The rout […]

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harry reid thanksgiving

Thanksgiving: Turkey or Guajolote?

By Raoul Lowery Contreras – What is there to be thankful for this year? Depends on who you are. If you are a Hispanic Democrat, you and the rest of the Democratic Party are licking deep wounds inflicted by the American people on November 4. The largest Republican House majority since 1947 will take office […]

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Illegal Voting: some perspective

By Dave Leach – When a Secretary of State has to violate the Constitution to prosecute illegal voters, without blushing or apologizing, we wonder about the other charges. Before you believe every statistic some possibly prejudiced public official throws out, consider the following example of where we are not told “the rest of the story”. […]

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