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Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s Immigration Myths

By Alex Nowrasteh – Donald Trump’s newly released immigration position paper is the precise mix of fantasy and ignorance that one would expect from the newly self-described Republican. Trump’s policies would grind down economic growth, slow assimilation and ultimately fail to rein in unlawful immigration. Trump’s proposal boils down to building a wall along the southern border and beefing […]

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dhs sanctuary city

Sanctuary City v. Priority Enforcement Program: Pure Politics?

by Alex Gonzalez – Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick says that the will “use fast-track procedures to crack down on “sanctuary” policies for undocumented immigrants if a special session were to be called.” Nevertheless, The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) own federal program guidelines clearly state that county jails should: maintain custody of the priority individual for a […]

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ted cruz cuban anti-immigrant

Appeal to Cruz

Appeal to Cruz To: two staffers for Senator Ted Cruz’ run for President Thank you for offering to get a response from Cruz or someone who can speak for him. I am by no means being patronizing when I say I have deep respect for someone who can take a case to the Supreme Court […]

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Bobby Jindal

Jindal Dialog

Governor Bobby Jindal said he would judge a future House speaker by looking him in the eye and asking if he will fight for Republicans like Nancy Pelosi fights for Democrats. I looked him in the eye to see if he will fight that hard for reality in immigration. I am concerned. But not without […]

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Ben Carson

Encouraging Carson

An email today from Ben Carson’s wife invites an “encouraging” comment to give Ben Carson before his debate this Wednesday. If you would like to leave your message for Carson – a rare opportunity in American politics – here is the spot. By Dave Leach, 10/26/2015 Here was my simple message: Luk 6:38 Give, and […]

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Henryk A. Kowalczyk

Trump – The Leader of the Deceived

By Henryk A. Kowalczyk – Dear Mr. Trump, I challenge you to a duel over arguments about immigration. I am throwing the gauntlet at you because none of your competitors in the presidential race ever will. Jeb Bush co-authored a book about our immigration crisis. He acknowledged that the system is dysfunctional, but he did […]

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Ann Coulter, immigration, real americans

Ann Coulter’s “Real” Americans Fallacy

By CoulterWatch – While one can applaud Ann Coulter’s efforts to reform America’s immigration policy, her conclusions are nonsensical and shameful. Coulter identifies immigration – both legal and illegal – as the preeminent, overarching challenge of our time, beyond which all other issues pale in comparison. Her passion and conviction may well carry the day […]

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donald trump

Donald Trump – Impunity, Delusions and a Bad Hair

By Raoul Lowery Contreras – The stock market is plunging, China’s economy is imploding, the Mexican peso is losing value, President Obama is speechifying with no one listening, Islamist terrorists of the ISIS brand are dynamiting two- thousand-year old Roman ruins in Syria and beheading 80-year-old men, and Donald Trump is flip-flopping by seeking “big” campaign […]

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pope francis immigration

Catholic reductionists and their expansionist Pope

Dave Leach – I wonder how Catholics who think we are taking in too many immigrants already are taking their Pope’s appeal to take in a lot more immigrants – in fact, to take in immigrants without numerical limits? Especially when the Pope had a stronger message about taking in immigrants than he had about […]

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refugees Syria

Muslim refugees in perspective

Alarm over Moslem immigration is valid but there is much more to the story. Light is not helpless against the dark. But closed eyes see little light. “Jaw-dropping number of Muslim immigrants to U.S.” promised the WorldNetDaily News promotional email as your reward for reading its article about Breitbart’s story yesterday. “The invasion of the […]

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