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Birthright citizenship pro-life

Ending birthright citizenship with a law – Birthright Idiotship

Trump-King-Mickelson think Birthright Citizenship can be ended without stripping it from the Constitution. That hope rests on their spin on a quote from one of the Senators who helped write the 14th Amendment: Senator Jacob Howard. This is part 1 of the series “Birthright Idiotship” by Dave Leach, August 25, 2015. The entire series is […]

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Donald Trump

Presidential Candidates on the record – Birthright Idiotship

Should babies of “illegal aliens” born here be counted as citizens? “No!” shout nine of the 17 Republican presidential candidates as of August 19, 2015. Trump wrote a thesis on it. He says his “very good lawyers” can end it without messing with a Constitutional Amendment. This is part 3 of the series “Birthright Idiotship” […]

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The actual case for enslaving “illegals” – Birthright Idiotship

Jan Mickelson, Des Moines radio talk show host, who is the primary radio “gatekeeper” for presidential candidates wooing Republicans in advance of Iowa’s “first in the nation” caucuses, doesn’t stop at saying Congress can end Birthright Citizenship without disturbing the Constitution. He says we can also enslave undocumented immigrants, and put them to work building […]

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Costs to citizens of ending birthright citizenship – Birthright Idiotship

Should babies of “illegal aliens” born here be counted as citizens? And while we’re checking, does the Constitution answer this: may we enslave “illegals”? The answer depends on the meaning of “jurisdiction” in the 14th Amendment according, some say, to what one Senator in 1866 meant by one sentence. Half the Republican presidential candidates want […]

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rand paul

Rand Paul: a letter to his staff

A couple of years ago I had the opportunity to slip Senator Rand Paul a copy of my Bible study on immigration, at a conference for pastors. But since then I have been unable to get a response from him or his staff. So it was wonderful to get an email from his Western Iowa […]

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Ben Carson

Questioning Carson

I had a chance last night to personally hand Ben Carson, Republican presidential candidate, the card below. There was no conversation. It was a miracle I had even that opportunity. I am afraid I will not be able to get my question answered without your help. By Dave Leach, August 9, 2015 I had hoped […]

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Steve King GOP immigration platform immigration reform

Santorum, King trust this

“Not true”, Senator Rick Santorum, Republican presidential candidate, told me when I showed him a card saying economists agree that immigration benefits citizens. “The studies saying that are older. When they came out I was on the other side [with you expansionists.]” He said when they were superseded with the newer more accurate studies he […]

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Donald Trump

The Conservative Response to Trump

Donald Trump has continued to make headlines, not only through the ostentatious, borderline decadent “announcement” of his presidential candidacy (I put this in scare quotes because I do not believe Trump in any way intends on actually attempting to be the President of the United States but instead is putting on an absurd performance art […]

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Donald Trump

Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio and Donald Trump

By Raoul Lowery Contreras – What a week of contrasts in American Presidential politics. The bright side includes Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio; then there is ignorant bigotry. The bigotry burst forth from the Black Hole of bigotry, that is, the mind of self-described “billionaire” Donald “The Donald” Trump. First, Miami-based Jeb Bush pulled out […]

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ann coulter adios america

Adios America! Viva America!

By Raoul Lowery Contreras – The word multiculturalism is an anathema to many Americans because it is misapplied and badly defined by the people who object to it and its use. In California, some object to the statewide school requirement that Spanish be taught in the 4th grade. Others object to bilingual language education in […]

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