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Cafe Con Leche GOP

Nothing illegal about “prosecutorial discretion”

By Dave Leach – There is nothing illegal about Obama announcing “prosecutorial discretion” – to what extent he plans to enforce various immigration laws. Contrary to the moans of Republicans who claim they are for “Rule of Law” which they claim Obama and immigrants are destroying, it is our laws which authorize Obama to exercise […]

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border patrols refugee crisis

Confusing: Obama, DACA, and Blame

By Dave Leach – This is confusing. The New York Times said Obama’s DACA program  isn’t why the “border kids” are coming, because they don’t qualify for it. (DACA temporarily legalizes immigrants brought here as children who have lived here since 2007.) “Tea Party members believe, delusionally” that DACA “has some connection to the recent surge […]

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The Silver Bullet that can shoot down Mountains

By Dave Leach – What can counter one lie after another, told by media who used to buy ink by the barrel and now stream by the terrabyte? Only one thing that I know of. But few Christians want to get anywhere near it. I am grateful for all the research by Alex Nowrasteh and […]

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Dinesh D'Sousa

I thought Dinesh D’Sousa was smart

By Dave Leach –  Dinesh D’Sousa makes great movies but little immigration sense.  I hope Dinesh D’Sousa doesn’t make a movie about immigration. I just watched Dinesh D’Sousa on Huckabee, on Fox. (July 27, 2014).  I watched both his two movies, and was very impressed with his intelligence. But I just heard him, to the […]

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Fake article exposes racism behind anti-immigration movement

Racists making complete fools of themselves is hardly a new thing, but a recent Facebook post may have set a new standard for idiocy. Of course, it comes from a group of individuals opposed to immigration reform. A Facebook user calling herself “Mary Determined” posted a link to a satire article titled “Mexican President Nieto […]

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Fact check: Dan Patrick border crossing claim is highly exaggerated

Texas State Senator Dan Patrick, the Republican candidate for Lieutenant Governor in this fall’s general election, has made a name for himself on the backs of migrant workers from Mexico and refugee children from Central America, depicting them as diseased invaders. As a self-appointed “champion of the border,” Patrick has been at the forefront of […]

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“For I Was a Stranger” debate #3: Proofobia

By Dave Leach – “Proofobia”: calling an interpretation “wrong” without offering an alternative; irritation with a request for evidence. This is the rest of my interaction with Sandra Lee Smith. The first portion was #2 of this series, about the label “lawbreakers” applied to those for whom our laws have made obedience impossible. This is […]

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Another Restrictionist Bible Study

By Dave Leach – Bryan Fischer’s restrictionist Bible study [in support of further restrictions on how many or who can come legally] argues that we should not open up our immigration quotas unless we first require them to all worship as America’s Founders did. Doesn’t that assume America’s Founders worshiped the same way? Fisher didn’t […]

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Dave Leach

Immigration’s Deadliest Threat

By Dave Leach – Immigration’s deadliest threat was missed by Zack Taylor, retired border control agent, who said the Russian Mafia is sneaking “dirty bombs” and criminal sabateurs across an unpatrolled section of our border while Obama’s CIA facilitates the plan in Central America and border patrol agents are told not to ever fire their […]

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asylum child refugees

House Bill Eviscerates Asylum System, Deports Child Trafficking Victims

By Alex Nowrasteh - President Obama recently asked Congress for authority to treat Central American children in the same way the government treats Mexican children. The Asylum Reform and Border Protection Act (H.R. 5137), introduced today by Reps. Chaffetz (R-UT) and Goodlatte (R-VA), Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, goes beyond the President’s request. The bill […]

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