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The Hall of Shame Report – May 13, 2015

As a leading voice for conservative Latinos, we here at the Cafe con Leche Republicans often see the ugly backlash of our outreach to minorities. Stereotypes, misinformation, and racist rhetoric is still prevalent on both sides of the political aisle, even while both sides deny it exists. We decided the best way to combat this […]

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Dave Leach immigration reform

Immigration quotas as unlawful as slavery

By Dave Leach – A debate about slavery in 1850 between two Congressmen explains how the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution outlawed slavery, and is violated by quotas on how many immigrants are allowed to come legally. It is legal to violate the Constitution, if it is for very compelling reasons and our violation […]

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undocumented economist Steve Camarota center for immigration studies

WND’s Undocumented Economist arsenal

By Dave Leach – WorldNet Daily News attacks Senator Marco Rubio’s role in a “secret” meeting about how to pass a bill which WND is sure will harm us all, a claim WND backs up by quoting Undocumented Economists as if UE’s are the only ones who understand the economy, without a whisper of the […]

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Adolf Hitler - Nazism and Darwinism

Hitler’s Undocumented Economist Solution

There is a classic scene from the movie “Downfall”, about Hitler’s last days in an underground bunker, that has been pirated to add different English subtitles to, usually with very funny results. I found the website where you can do that. Here is the resulting video, and below that, the transcript: Officer: We’re rounding up […]

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jan mickelson

Jan Mickelson’s Golden Rule: Fool’s Gold

By Dave Leach – WHO Radio talk show host Jan Mickelson specifically refused to extend the charity to refugees like Constantino Morales that he would want in their situation. Here are excerpts from Mickelson’s April 13 show which are the basis of this article. Constantino Morales came to Iowa from Mexico legally and applied for asylum […]

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phil bryant undocumented economost mississippi governor auditor

Disqualification of Undocumented Economists previewed by Court

The Fifth District Court of Appeals rejected Mississippi’s claim that its undocumented immigrants cost the state $25 million a year in welfare payouts. The claim was based upon a study authored by undocumented economist and Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant, formerly auditor. By Dave Leach The State of Mississippi alleges that the deferred action has caused additional […]

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ted cruz cuban anti-immigrant

Cruz Clues on Immigration: parsing words

Presidential candidate Senator Ted Cruz told an April 2 rally, “there is no stronger advocate for legal immigration than I am.” He told NumbersUSA he would reduce immigration by 3/4. Is that like an abortionist saying he is “personally” against abortion; it’s just “choice” that he’s for? By Dave Leach I believe I recall Iowa […]

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ted cruz cuban anti-immigrant

Is Cruz right? Could an Undocumented Economist qualify to talk in court about economics?

Presidential candidate Senator Ted Cruz told me April 2 that he might not object if his opponent in court tried to call, as an “expert witness” on a question involving economics, someone with no college degree in economics, in other words an undocumented economist. By Dave Leach The reason this matters is that Cruz is […]

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ted cruz cuban anti-immigrant

Cruz on Undocumented Economists

Senator Ted Cruz, presidential candidate, son of a Cuban citizen, knows that some of the expert witnesses about the economic impact of immigration, during Senate immigration hearings, do not have degrees in economics. They are Undocumented Economists. At least when I told him that, he nodded in agreement. By Dave Leach But he is not […]

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Robert Rector economista undocumented economist

Robert Rector and Other Undocumented Economists: Why it matters

There is a deep, dark, musty secret kept by the “researchers” who assure restrictionists that immigrants take citizens’ jobs, drive down wages, drive up our national debt, trash the economy, export our currency, bankrupt hospitals , give us measles, conceal terrorists, and rape our daughters: these “researchers” are not authorities on these subjects; they have […]

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