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E-verify & Mark of the Beast petition

By Dave Leach – I started a petition at that makes the connection between E-verify and the Mark of the Beast. Conservative Republicans who are largely Bible believing Christians are the group pushing hardest for E-verify to be mandated across America so that no American can get a job without checking in with it. […]

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Proofobia: “Fear of Evidence” – “God’s Not Dead” reviewed

Proofobia is the reason we lack national consensus on immigration policy. Even though the movie “God’s Not Dead” was not directly about immigration, we must ask ourselves: if in defiance of such overwhelming evidence we can’t even agree as a nation that God exists, with enough confidence in that fact to quote His opinions of […]

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Ohio, the Other Border

By Maribel Hastings, America’s Voice - CLEVELAND, Ohio – Every Tuesday night in Painesville, Ohio, immigrants with a common denominator meet at a converted church: they are protagonists or collateral damage in the government’s deportation machine. The picture blows the water out of the argument that the deportations are focused on criminals or recent border crossers without […]

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Deported grandmother denied due process by ICE, immigration judge

When our government actively pursues the deportation of a foreign national, most Americans assume it is a felon that poses a threat to public or has been found guilty of breaking federal law. They do not expect that person to be a grandmother married to an American citizen. And yet, that is exactly what happened […]

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Cafe Con Leche Republicans

Immigration Reform Needed by Refugees

Most of the national discussion of immigration reform is from the perspective of South Americans who have the physical ability to cross our Southern border between legal checkpoints, in addition to the very limited ability to come legally. This discussion is with Somalian leaders, about the problems of Somalian refugees whose only way in is […]

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cafe con leche republicans

Hispanic American Dismisses Ann Coulter on Amnesty

by Ann Kane - Will majority Hispanics ever vote Republican? Ann Coulter equates granting amnesty to illegals with increasing Democrat voter rolls. She sees it as a slam-dunk that if amnesty goes through, with the help of many Republican legislators, Republicans and conservatives will not be able to win elections in the future. Considering the Left’s takeover […]

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Cesar Chavez, The Brand

By Luis Alvarado - Today students in selected schools will either have the day off or will hear of the achievements of Cesar Chavez and his movement in California’s Central Valley in the late 60’s.  They will hear a narrative about the struggle against grape farmers in Delano, CA.  They will hear about the insurmountable obstacles […]

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Judge rules shackling of immigration detainees unconstitutional

“You can judge a society by how well it treats its prisoners.” – Fyordor Dostoevsky A federal district judge has ruled that the practice of shackling immigrant detainees by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) during court proceedings is unconstitutional. Judge Michael Ponsor of the U.S. District Court (Massachusetts) ruled March 9 that the shackles were […]

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Alex Gonzalez

The New Found Love for South Texas and The Hispanic Surname

By Alex Gonzalez – There is a new found love for the Hispanic surname in South Texas, mostly by Republicans. While the Party wrestles on how to woo Latino voters and tame the Tea Party rhetoric regarding Immigration, a new trend in South Texas shows that voters are opting for a Hispanic surname Candidate during […]

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E-Verify Does Not “Turn Off” Job Magnet

By Alex Nowrasteh - One of the main claims of E-Verify’ ssupporters is that it will turn off the job magnet that incentivizes unauthorized immigration.  A recent Working Paper by economists Pia M. Orrenius and Madeline Zavodny casts doubt on that. They find that E-Verify mandates in the states have decreased wages by likely Mexican unauthorized immigrant men by about 7.8 percent […]

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