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God’s signature on Supreme Court docket orders

By Dave Leach – The U.S. Supreme Court declined yesterday to hear Scott Roeder’s case against abortion. But even though I know of no further legal steps that can be taken in his case “on the merits” [challenging abortion’s legality] other than a few technical habeas corpus-type actions which will not be about abortion, there […]

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The Hall of Shame Report – May 13, 2015

As a leading voice for conservative Latinos, we here at the Cafe con Leche Republicans often see the ugly backlash of our outreach to minorities. Stereotypes, misinformation, and racist rhetoric is still prevalent on both sides of the political aisle, even while both sides deny it exists. We decided the best way to combat this […]

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My question for the Supreme Court

“Has the fact that all unborn babies are humans/persons been sufficiently established by juries, expert witnesses, state legislatures, and Congress to invoke Roe’s ruling that state legislatures and courts should now protect their 14th Amendment rights?” 5 days. by Dave Leach (Here is the link I see between abortion and immigration.) In 5 days the […]

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Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan and his take on immigration amnesty

Amnesty is defined as forgiveness, a very Christian concept, but the term has been tainted in the extreme rhetoric that is the immigration debate today. Ronald Reagan, however, understood that many of the foreign nationals who come here undocumented or whose legal residency lapsed were inherently honest and good, just desperate for a better way […]

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Dave Leach immigration reform

Immigration quotas as unlawful as slavery

By Dave Leach – A debate about slavery in 1850 between two Congressmen explains how the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution outlawed slavery, and is violated by quotas on how many immigrants are allowed to come legally. It is legal to violate the Constitution, if it is for very compelling reasons and our violation […]

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undocumented economist Steve Camarota center for immigration studies

WND’s Undocumented Economist arsenal

By Dave Leach – WorldNet Daily News attacks Senator Marco Rubio’s role in a “secret” meeting about how to pass a bill which WND is sure will harm us all, a claim WND backs up by quoting Undocumented Economists as if UE’s are the only ones who understand the economy, without a whisper of the […]

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Adolf Hitler - Nazism and Darwinism

Hitler’s Undocumented Economist Solution

There is a classic scene from the movie “Downfall”, about Hitler’s last days in an underground bunker, that has been pirated to add different English subtitles to, usually with very funny results. I found the website where you can do that. Here is the resulting video, and below that, the transcript: Officer: We’re rounding up […]

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jan mickelson

Jan Mickelson’s Golden Rule: Fool’s Gold

By Dave Leach – WHO Radio talk show host Jan Mickelson specifically refused to extend the charity to refugees like Constantino Morales that he would want in their situation. Here are excerpts from Mickelson’s April 13 show which are the basis of this article. Constantino Morales came to Iowa from Mexico legally and applied for asylum […]

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The wisdom of Newt Gingrich

Newt Gingrich has always been able to approach every issue with common sense and conviction, which is what makes him a great conservative and an outstanding patriot. On the issue of immigration, he hits the nail on the head.

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phil bryant undocumented economost mississippi governor auditor

Disqualification of Undocumented Economists previewed by Court

The Fifth District Court of Appeals rejected Mississippi’s claim that its undocumented immigrants cost the state $25 million a year in welfare payouts. The claim was based upon a study authored by undocumented economist and Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant, formerly auditor. By Dave Leach The State of Mississippi alleges that the deferred action has caused additional […]

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