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We can’t get immigration right if we get its economic impact wrong

By Dave Leach – From my emails to Senator Grassley’s staff: Economists – that is, people who majored in economics in college – have a very narrow range of disagreement about the benefits of as much more legal immigration (of people who just want to work hard – who pass criminal background checks) as we […]

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My Questions for Senators

Can I persuade you to help me contact the Senators on the Senate Judiciary Committee, and its staff, to urge them to select more economists than Undocumented Economists to testify at their future hearings about immigration? Please let me explain in the next paragraph why this will heal the immigration debate in America.  (202-224-5225 for […]

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2015 first Senate immigration hearing highlights

The Senate Judiciary Committee held its first immigration hearing March 17. Here are some highlights of the conversation, from the perspective of claims made about the economic impact of H1B visas, [visas for highly skilled workers], by “expert” witnesses with no expertise in economics. By Dave Leach. This article is part of a series: Parade […]

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Parade of the Undocumented Economists

By Dave Leach – Might the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee discussion March 17 of the economic impact of H1B workers [high skilled immigrants] been any less confusing, or enjoyed any more resolution, had the Senate allowed an economist to testify? By Dave Leach. This article has generated other supporting articles: Parade of the Undocumented Economists <> […]

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Bobby Jindal

Governor Bobby Jindal wants “a lot” more legal immigration

By Dave Leach – Governor Bobby Jindal may be the most friendly to immigrant concerns of any Republican presidential candidate, and possibly of any Democratic presidential candidate. In an article he wrote two years ago, he said immigration should be increased by “a lot”. He wants “high walls and a wide gate”; that is, border […]

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chuck grassley amnesty gang of eight immigration reform

Letter to Senator Grassley

Dave Leach, Christian conservative activist El Enfoque 137 E. Leach Des Moines IA 50315 To Beth Levine,,, Hi! My question for Senator Grassley: “When your committee holds hearings on immigration laws, will senators hear most from economists about how more legal immigration will help the U.S. economy, or from Undocumented Economists […]

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Los Economistas saben que los inmigrantes no le quitan el trabajo a los ciudadanos

Los Economistas Reales enfáticamente niegan las afirmaciones de Economistas Indocumentados (que no tienen título en economía) que la inmigración perjudica a cualquier parte de la economía. Por Dave Leach; traducido por Araceli Caldbeck  Publicado en El Enfoque, 0x de febrero, 2015, X página. Esta es la parte siete de una serie. El resto de la […]

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chuck grassley amnesty gang of eight immigration reform

Questions for Senator Grassley

Now that Republicans control the U.S. Senate, Iowa’s Senator Grassley controls the Senate’s Judiciary Committee, through which all immigration legislation must pass. He will be near Des Moines this Saturday, March 7. He will be at the Truro Public Library at 11:30 am, and at the Norwalk Public Safety building, 1100 Chatham Avenue, at 1:30 […]

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Seniors deported in 2020

The future for seniors doesn’t look good, but at least it will be fair. By Dave Leach, a senior This prophetic notice is from the year 2020, when the Social Security costs for seniors will alone exceed all federal income and the rest of the world will have abandoned the crumbling American dollar. The then-dominant […]

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Los candidatos presidenciales Republicanos invaden Des Moines

La visión más clara de Iowa hasta ahora de lo que los candidatos presidenciales Republicanos piensan acerca de los inmigrantes fue visto el sábado en el Auditorio Sherman Hoyt en Des Moines. Se indica cómo hay de trabajo por hacer para sanar la ley de inmigración. Por Dave Leach; traducido por Araceli Caldbeck. Publicado en […]

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