Cafe Con Leche GOP Backs Torrey Westrom for Congress

Torrey WestromMarshall, MN – Cafe Con Leche Republicans is pleased to support Torrey Westrom from Minnesota’s Seventh Congressional District. We find Torrey Westrom’s life story inspiring, and he exemplifies bedrock conservative values tempered with common sense. Torrey Westrom lost his sight in a farm accident at age 14, yet not only completed high school with distinction, but college and law school as well despite his disability.

Torrey has a great track record as a Minnesota state legislator, and moreover his values are much more in-line with his district. For the past 18 years, Torrey Westrom practiced the conservative values he professes in the Minnesota legislature, where he was very effective and proved he can work across the aisle to find practical solutions. Torrey Westrom doesn’t need a marketing term invention such as ‘blue dog Democrat’ to cover for his actions in Washington, as we expect he will stick to his conservative principles.

Torrey’s opponent, Collin Peterson is anything but a “straight shooter.” For example, Peterson says he voted against ObamaCare, but fails to mention that since then he has repeatedly voted against repealing ObamaCare, which means he’s now in favor of ObamaCare. Peterson has also claimed Obamacare is “not all bad.”

That lie was not missed by Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life, which dropped support for Peterson in 2012 though they had often endorsed Peterson. Peterson then labeled MCCL as “extremists” and predicted their end, which was very disrespectful and shows that instead of Collin Peterson changing Washington, Washington has changed Collin Peterson.

Peterson likes to present himself as a ‘Blue Dog Democrat’ with an independent streak.’ However, the term ‘blue dog Democrat’ is nothing more than a marketing invention for Democrats from conservative districts to claim they are conservative, even when they mostly support a liberal agenda.

Collin Peterson recently got a ‘shout out’ from President Obama for his work in passing cap and trade, which would have resulted in a massive tax increase and vastly more government regulation of industry. A massive expansion of government with carbon taxes is hardly conservative, and would hurt the very farmers and working class people Collin Peterson claims he helps. Peterson also supports San Francisco liberal Nancy Pelosi, which is why she gave Collin Peterson a key role in helping to pass massive carbon taxes.

Peterson established himself as anti-any-immigrant by co-sponsoring HR347, a five year moratorium on LEGAL immigration, limiting family-based immigrants to 10,000 per year, employment based immigrants to 5,000 per year, and capping refugees and asylees at 25,000 per year. Current legal immigration levels are 1.1 million per year, which is 0.35% of population, while developed nations on average welcome 0.60% of population each year, nearly double U.S. legal immigration levels. Needless to say, slashing legal immigration to absurdly low levels would not only harm our economy but fuel illegal immigration, since economic activity largely determines immigration levels. Immigration policy disconnected from free market economics is a major driver of illegal immigration, a black market in immigrant labor.

Peterson showed he’s no friend of Latinos by supporting HR 6095, a bill giving state and local police ‘inherent authority’ to enforcement immigration law, without requiring training or providing safeguards against racial profiling. Recent studies show that in jurisdictions where police became heavily involved in immigration enforcement, Latinos are up to nine times more likely stopped for traffic infractions, and more likely arrested than cited for minor traffic infractions.

Peterson also voted for House Amendment 969, which would deny public education to undocumented immigrants. While we don’t support or condone illegal immigration, forcing immigrant children out of school and onto the streets is never a wise idea. The U.S. Supreme Court long ago found such laws unconstitutional.

Please join us in supporting Torrey Westrom for Congress, who can be expected to bring common sense conservative values to Washington, not phony marketing gimmickry to make liberal seem conservative.


About Us – Cafe Con Leche Republicans is a national organization of Republicans who welcome “New Americans”, defined as immigrants and family of recent immigrants. Our mission is to make America and the GOP, more welcoming to “New Immigrants” through political activism, “in-reach” and education within the Republican Party, and lobbying government to adopt more immigrant friendly policies. We also seek to bring more conservative and moderate “New Americans” to the Republican Party. These efforts will strengthen the GOP, and lead more Republicans to embrace welcoming policies for immigrants and their families. We have members nationwide, with leadership in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia, Massachusetts, Ohio, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona, and California. Our members and leadership are predominantly Hispanic, though we define ourselves by mission and guiding principles, not ethnicity, and we welcome all who share our goals. Our leadership is 100% Republican.

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  1. October 23, 2014 at 2:33 pm #

    I don’t doubt that Torrey Westrom is conservative nor that his values align with his district. However, I am surprised and puzzled that Cafe con Leche Republicans endorses him wholeheartedly without any mention of his immigration views. Although he hasn’t had a chance to prove himself in Congress, his comments and vote on the MN driver’s license bill seemed both ignorant and anti-immigrant. Maybe there is hope for him to educate himself in this area, but only if he is open-minded enough to do so.

    Posted by Lisa
    • October 24, 2014 at 10:04 pm #

      We interviewed Torrey Westrom, and found him open minded to immigration reform, and he grasped illegal immigration as mostly an economic problem fueled by dysfunctional immigration policy, especially quotas. The incumbent, Collin Peterson, is definitely no friend of immigrants. Read our news release. Peterson actually co-sponsored legislation for a five year moratorium on LEGAL immigration, and voted to kick undocumented kids out of public schools!

      Posted by bquasius
      • October 24, 2014 at 10:52 pm #

        Thanks for responding. I understand Collin Peterson isn’t great on immigration issues, and I’m glad to hear Torrey Westrom is open minded.

        Posted by Lisa

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