Border Children Documentary coming

border childrenBy Dave Leach – sent out an email this morning about the documentary they are working on about the border children. They promise:

Our documentary will detail how many of these “kids” are actually young men with ties to drug gangs.

“Ties?” Like fleeing to us from drug gangs who had murdered their friends and parents for not working for them?

It will show these illegal immigrants are bringing terrible contagious diseases into America.

Well, first, the reported cases are a miniscule percentage, and it is not known how many were contracted after they got here. Second, the claims made, compared with the evidence, look suspiciously like the Nazi propaganda against allegedly diseased Jews. Third, numerical restrictions on how many can come legally are what create the problem, to whatever extent it actually exists. If we allowed all immigrants to come legally who come in peace, to work, they wouldn’t have to cross dangerously between the legal check points. They could come safely through the legal checkpoints, where they would be checked by a doctor. Do you suppose the documentary will make these points?

(This video is a narration of this article by the author, without links, of course)

It will explain how Obama’s illegal immigration camps are terrible places that could explode in violence at any time.

At least that claim is creative; one I had not heard. But again, quotas create the problem, to whatever extent it exists. If children who come in peace – and what child does not? –  were just allowed to go to their families there would be no camps.

It will document how our border patrol agents are overwhelmed and not allowed to do their jobs.

Really? Alex Nowrasteh reports:

In 2013, each border patrol agent apprehended 22.3 unlawful immigrants, on average. This is compared to 1993, when each border patrol agent on average apprehended 352.2 unlawful immigrants. Many government apprehension facilities are overwhelmed but it is a stretch to state that the largest border patrol in U.S. history, with fewer apprehensions per agent in 2013 than almost any previous year, is suddenly overwhelmed.

Back to the documentary fundraiser:

It will demonstrate how people are dying in the desperate rush to cross our unsecured border!

Well, duh! Never heard THAT before!

This documentary will shock the American people.  It will make their hair stand on end. It’s that powerful.

We had a cure for that when I was a boy: Brylcreem. Of course, today, that’s the style.

However, no one will ever get to see it unless we can raise this $136,000 by August 15th.

Be still, my beating heart.

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