Birthright Idiotship isn’t dead

A notice in the mail today informs me that Birthright Idiotship has come back to life.

By Dave Leach July 12, 2017

The Heritage Foundation writes, “Congress, the media, and the American people need to know that birthright citizenship [automatic citizenship for everyone born in the U.S.] can be eliminated by a resolution of Congress – and that if Congress does not change it, we will have even bigger problems ahead. Will you give your financial support to this critically important campaign?”

Such a reversal of our centuries-old policy would force citizen parents through the same immigration law jungle that immigrants face, before their baby can be a citizen. This is explained at Idiotship.

A mere “resolution”? Now Congress needn’t even pass a law? For decades many constitutional law experts have said it would take an entire Constitutional Amendment and now Heritage has found out it only takes a resolution?

“Hundreds of thousands of babies are born in the United States every year to illegal immigrants”, says Heritage, a statement expected to stir screams of horror among readers. Except that the million plus citizen babies we abort every year has created a crisis where there are too few young workers to pay for the Social Security and Medicare of our proportionately increasing old guys, causing our national debt to skyrocket; the CBO and other economists say more immigration – more young hard-working taxpayers – will reduce our annual deficit. We need more, not less!

“The parents can obtain Medicaid and food stamps on behalf of their U.S.-born children.” That is, their children who are citizens. Not for themselves. We need a lot more citizens to replace those we have slaughtered!

“Thanks to a rule change by the Obama administration, illegal aliens with U.S.-born children have been effectively exempt from deportation since 2011.” It is pretty hard for me to comprehend their stated determination to deport the parents of small children who are citizens. Whether that causes children to be raised by strangers  contracted by government bureaucrats, or raised in a dangerous, unstable country, either way is fine with politicians and bloggers who want them gone either way, and who are contemptuous of us who are shocked at such coldness. Especially from conservative Republicans whose ranks are rich with conservative, Bible-believing Christians, many of whom are as cool towards what God says about immigration. Even when Luke 6:38, applied, says the economic opportunites we have will be limited to the economic opportunity we allow immigrants – a warning with which economists agree – and Matthew 25:39-46 warns of Hell to the extent we do not “take in” immigrants.

“No European country grants birthright citizenship”! Wow! Heritage is jealous of Europe! Heritage wants us to copy Europe! Germany and Japan, especially, have generations of disenfranchised residents (people who can never vote) who are powder kegs waiting for a match, because they won’t grant citizenship to the children, or even grandchildren of immigrants who did not have “unrestricted right of residence”. Just what America needs!


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