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DACA: Myths & Facts

President Trump’s latest executive order on immigration has spurred yet another partisan debate on immigration reform. However in the whirlwind of this discussion, there is a vacuum of facts which has been replaced by angry rhetoric and shoddily crafted talking points. For many it is either an illegal, taxpayer swindling act of amnesty or a […]

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The Refugee Crisis & Why America is Different: Part II

This post was originally hosted at Musings On the Right. In the last essay, I wrote about the value of cultural assimilation, as well as the role that culture plays in both negative and positive policy outcomes. Given this fact, it seems that Europe, and soon America, will face a major challenge. As the Near East […]

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Donald Trump & Arnold: Profiles in Mendacity

  By Joseph Laughon – Driving home from work, the thought immediately struck me: President Donald Trump will be the national equivalent of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Frankly I don’t know how the comparison isn’t made more frequently. I could only find one article from Vanity Fair and one other from the Washington Post on the how […]

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The Refugee Crisis: Why America Is Different

  As someone interested in immigration from a conservative, American perspective, the recent refugee crisis in Europe is of major fascination to me. For starters the genuine human tragedy is palpable. Even the most stringent of nativists must be moved by the images of humanity dying en mass in the Mediterranean Sea. Furthermore even the […]

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Recognize Hispanic Medal of Honor Winners

Usually around a discussion of Hispanic immigration is an implicit, and sometimes explicit, argument that somehow these immigrants don’t contribute much. Whereas past immigrants (read: me and mine) contributed to America, it somehow goes assumed that recent immigrants and in particular Hispanic immigrants and their descendants don’t really put their time into America. Thus immigration […]

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Response to the Reactionaries

Despite myself, I am somewhat fascinated with reactionaries. (For those a bit confused who on who these folks are The American Conservative has good introduction to them) For starters some of them are exceptionally witty, albeit in a horrifying manner. In addition, as a conservative of traditionalist and libertarian leanings I am sympathetic to wishing […]

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Donald Trump

The Conservative Response to Trump

Donald Trump has continued to make headlines, not only through the ostentatious, borderline decadent “announcement” of his presidential candidacy (I put this in scare quotes because I do not believe Trump in any way intends on actually attempting to be the President of the United States but instead is putting on an absurd performance art […]

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Puerto Rico

Blame D.C For Puerto Rican Debt Crisis

While Greece and its ongoing economic meltdown has captured world headlines recently, closer to home, the American protectorate of Puerto Rico is suffering its own Greek tragedy of massive proportions. The Washington Post explains; Groaning under at least $73 billion in debt, Puerto Rico — which is being called “America’s Greece” — is staggering down […]

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Opening Día: Hispanics and Baseball

Whoever wants to know the heart and mind of America had better learn baseball. — Jacques Barzun As Joe DiMaggio once observed, you just get this special kick on Opening Day. For me baseball is in my blood, though I was never terrific at it. My family grew up where the Dodger Stadium is now […]

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Free Trade, Free Cuba

The United States has just announced a major policy shift in our relationship with Cuba, the details of which can be found here. The main changes include; – Reestablishing diplomatic relations; including setting up an embassy in Havana and engaging in bilateral talks in areas of mutual interest such as narco-trafficking. – Removing restrictions to […]

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