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Paul Torkelson

Cafe Con Leche GOP is Proud to Support Paul Torkelson for MN House 16B

Marshall, MN – Cafe Con Leche Republicans is pleased to support Paul Torkelson for reelection to another term in the Minnesota House of Representatives, district 16B. Bob Quasius, president, said “Paul Torkelson has been doing an excellent job of representing his district. His conservative rural values closely align with his district. Paul is a fiscal […]

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Jeff Backer

Cafe Con Leche GOP Backs Jeff Backer for MN House 12A

Marshall, MN – Cafe Con Leche Republicans is pleased to endorse Jeff Backer for the Minnesota House district 12A. Bob Quasius, president, said “residents of district 12A need a new representative in the Minnesota House who will represent their conservative rural values. The incumbent, Jay  “Metro” McNamar, never met a government program or tax he […]

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Cafe Con Leche GOP

Guest Worker Visas

By Alex Nowrasteh – Expanding and liberalizing America’s lawful immigration system is the easiest way to boost economic growth and is also the key to stopping unlawful immigration. After a century of reforms that enhanced and centralized bureaucracy, federal immigration policy is a labyrinth of restriction and dysfunction. US immigration laws are now, as Associate […]

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alex nowrasteh daca cato immigration

Five Absurd Overreactions to the Surge in Child Migrants

By Alex Nowrasteh – The surge of unaccompanied migrant children (UAC) that dominated the news cycle in June and July of this year has receded – so much so that many emergency shelters established to handle the inflow are shutting down. At the height of the surge, many commentators and government officials expected 90,000 UAC […]

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Cafe Con Leche GOP

Temores por ébola desencadenan una reacción exagerada contra inmigrantes latinos

CNN en español: Algunos republicanos latinos han tratado de distanciarse de los temores en relación al ébola e ISIS en las fronteras. “Me entristece ver que algunos conservadores utilizan el miedo a las enfermedades mortales para impulsar una agenda de restricción a la inmigración. Sus afirmaciones generalmente son muy exageradas y estoy especialmente decepcionado del […]

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Cafe Con Leche Republicans

Ebola fears spark backlash against Latino immigrants

On Ebola backlash, from CNN: Some Latino Republicans have tried to distance themselves from the Ebola and ISIS border fears. “I am saddened to see some conservatives use fear of deadly diseases to push an immigration restriction agenda. Their claims are generally vastly overblown and I am especially disappointed in Rep. Phil Gingrey, who is […]

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Jonathon DuHammel global warming climate change climate denier global warming

NOAA Can’t Find Link Between Global Warming and Extreme Weather

By Jonathon DuHammel – A new report from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) says they can’t find a link between anthropogenic global warming and weather extremes that occurred in 2013 such as the California drought, Colorado floods, the UK’s exceptionally cold spring, a South Dakota blizzard, Central Europe floods, a northwestern Europe cyclone, […]

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Torrey Westrom

Cafe Con Leche GOP Backs Torrey Westrom for Congress

Marshall, MN – Cafe Con Leche Republicans is pleased to support Torrey Westrom from Minnesota’s Seventh Congressional District. We find Torrey Westrom’s life story inspiring, and he exemplifies bedrock conservative values tempered with common sense. Torrey Westrom lost his sight in a farm accident at age 14, yet not only completed high school with distinction, but […]

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Mike McFadden

Cafe Con Leche GOP Endorses Mike McFadden for U.S. Senate

Marshall, Minnesota – National pro-immigrant Republican organization Cafe Con Leche Republicans today is pleased to endorse Mike McFadden for U.S. Senate. Bob Quasius, President of Cafe Con Leche Republicans, said “I’ve had the pleasure to speak with Mike McFadden, and found him to be a solid conservative with a solid grounding in free market economics. […]

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Doc Severson

Dan Severson Would Make A Great MN Secretary of State!

Minneapolis, Minnesota – Cafe Con Leche Republicans is pleased to endorse Dan Severson for Minnesota Secretary of State. Dan ‘Doc’ Severson is a solid commonsense conservative. We’re impressed with Dan Severson’s military service in the Navy, followed by serving in the legislature for eight years. This includes a leadership role as the House minority whip. […]

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