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Debunking Immigrant Child Rape Claims

By Bob Quasius – The headline “Illegal Alien Pedophiles: 4,317 Charges Filed Against Illegals in ONE YEAR… in ONE STATE (and it’s only our 10th largest)” by Dean Garrison at DC Clothesline grabbed my attention, as for some time I’ve been monitoring some rather outrageous claims about immigrant criminality, especially when it comes to immigrant […]

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Evidence that CO2 emissions do not intensify the greenhouse effect

The U.S. government’s National Climate Assessment report and the UN IPCC both claim that human carbon dioxide emissions are “intensifying” the greenhouse effect and causing global warming. Let’s review claims relative to observed data. We begin with a very simplified review of what the greenhouse effect is. Solar radiation, mostly short-wave radiation, passes through the […]

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EPA Experiments on Humans Debunk Their Ozone and Particulate Matter Health Claims

By Jonathon DuHammel – The rogue EPA is proposing to lower the ground-level ozone standards from the current 75 parts per billion (ppb) to 60 ppb. This comes on the heels of a report that in 2007, the EPA conducted experiments on the effect of ozone on human subjects and found no adverse effects even at […]

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Repeal and Replace the Immigration and Nationality Act

By Alex Nowrasteh – President Obama’s executive action on immigration revealed some deep-seated problems with our immigration laws. They include broad grants of presidential discretion, arbitrary immigration restrictions, and complicated quotas that make a mockery of James Madison’s vision of the Constitution. Obama’s executive actions should be seen as a logical consequence and feature of […]

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Immigration’s Real Impact on Wages and Employment

By Alex Nowrasteh – The Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) has been releasing a series of reports claiming that immigrants are benefiting from the slightly recovering job market while natives are not. Of course, if immigrants were even less likely to gain jobs than Americans, CIS would use that as evidence that immigrants are a […]

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Bad Laws Lead to Bad Executive Orders

By Alex Nowrasteh – Governing by executive orders is no way to run an immigration policy, let alone an entire government. But the resort to unilateral action does not happen in a vacuum; it is borne out of poorly written, arbitrary and confusing laws. The GOP-controlled Congress should respond to Obama’s executive order by passing […]

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Saving the GOP from Modern Know-Nothingism

By Alex Nowrasteh – Many in the GOP are jockeying for the soul of the party ahead of an anticipated 2014 midterm election victory. Social conservatives are eager to reassert their influence after repeated defeats over gay marriage. Fiscal conservatives make the case for a greater emphasis on runaway spending. And then there are the […]

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Heritage’s Flawed Immigration Analysis

By Alex Nowrasteh – In the Washington Post today, Jim DeMint and Robert Rector of the Heritage Foundation invoke the free-market pantheon in arguing their anti-immigration stance: “The economist Milton Friedman warned that the United States cannot have open borders and an extensive welfare state.” They’re halfway right about that. What Friedman actually said was […]

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GOP Has 5 Hispanics in the Texas legislature, Again

By Alex Gonzalez – Among one of the most interesting questions before last Tuesday’s election was whether Republicans in Texas could keep their three Hispanic Republican legislators. Well they did; and the GOP Hispanic representation in the Texas Legislature increased to five. Among one of the most interesting questions before last Tuesday’s election was whether […]

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Mike Gonzalez

Mike Gonzalez and the Shaming of the “Hispanic” and Latino Labels

The Heritage Foundation’s Communication Director and Cuban immigrant, Mike Gonzalez, has a new book, A Race for the Future: How Conservatives Can Break the Liberal Monopoly on Hispanic Americans, arguing that The “Latino” label was political construction by non-Latino elites to monopolize ethnic groups into political “coercion.” These “non-Hispanic elites decided they were in charge […]

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