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Mike McFadden

Cafe Con Leche GOP Endorses Mike McFadden for U.S. Senate

Marshall, Minnesota – National pro-immigrant Republican organization Cafe Con Leche Republicans today is pleased to endorse Mike McFadden for U.S. Senate. Bob Quasius, President of Cafe Con Leche Republicans, said “I’ve had the pleasure to speak with Mike McFadden, and found him to be a solid conservative with a solid grounding in free market economics. […]

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Doc Severson

Dan Severson Would Make A Great MN Secretary of State!

Minneapolis, Minnesota – Cafe Con Leche Republicans is pleased to endorse Dan Severson for Minnesota Secretary of State. Dan ‘Doc’ Severson is a solid commonsense conservative. We’re impressed with Dan Severson’s military service in the Navy, followed by serving in the legislature for eight years. This includes a leadership role as the House minority whip. […]

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child jail

Obama’s Illegal Child Jails

by Bryan Johnson – The Obama administration is operating illegal child jails in New Mexico and Texas that put the lives of children at risk of serious illness, injury, or death. The reasoning is simple: the new jails opened in Artesia, New Mexico and Karnes City, Texas  violate important child care regulations by exposing children to an […]

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Mike McFadden

The Great Al Franken – Mike McFadden Debate…

By Bob Quasius – It’s already mid-September, less than two months before the general election. Great time for a debate, right? Wrong if you’re Al Franken but right if you’re Mike McFadden! What’s Al Franken afraid of? His 97% record of voting with Obama? Al Franken has become yet another inside-the-beltway Washington insider and is […]

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Jeff Johnson Minnesota Governor

Jeff Johnson – a Terrific Candidate for MN Governor!

Marshall, MN – Cafe Con Leche Republicans is proud to endorse Jeff Johnson for Governor of Minnesota! Bob Quasius, president of Cafe Con Leche Republicans, said “I first met Jeff Johnson in 2007 and have always been impressed with Jeff as a common sense conservative with an open mind and emphasis on practical solutions. Jeff […]

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Cafe Con Leche GOP

Endorsement: Bruce Hanson for Lyon County Sheriff

Marshall, MN – Cafe Con Leche Republicans is pleased to endorse Bruce Hanson for Lyon County, Minnesota Sheriff. Lyon County residents need a seasoned no-nonsense law enforcement professional at the helm of the sheriff’s department. Bruce Hanson has in-depth law enforcement experience, including years at the Sheriff’s department. He’s well aware of the issues in […]

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Chris Swedzniski

Cafe Con Leche GOP Endorses Chris Swedzinski for MN House 16A

Marshall, MN – National GOP group Cafe Con Leche Republicans is pleased to support Representative Chris Swedzinski for Minnesota State House of Representatives from District 16A. We endorsed Chris two years ago and he continues to meet and exceed our expectations, and he is just the type of common sense fiscal conservative we need in […]

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Obama immigration reform fakery

Obama’s Immigration Reform Fakery

By Bob Quasius – The Young Turks really nailed it in pointing out Obama’s fecklessness and weakness in immigration reform, promising once again to act to slow deportations but only after the November elections. Obama has been promising immigration reform from his days as a Senator. As a Senator, Obama engaged in immigration fakery, one […]

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watermelon environentalists

Enviromentalists are Watermelons – Green on Outside, Red in Middle

By Jonathon DuHammel – Many environmentalists claim their actions and policies are necessary to save the planet from all sorts of real and imagined problems. As I’ve reported in a previous post (Climate and Communism) radical environmentalists don’t like capitalism because it impedes their Utopian fantasy. For instance, Christiana Figueres, executive secretary of the United […]

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Jonathon DuHammel climate change climate denier

Study Shows That Greenhouse Gas Induced Warming Decreased in Last 14 Years

By Johathon DuHammel – New measurements contradict main tenets of global warming alarmists. First some background. A greenhouse structure (or an automobile parked in the sun) warms as follows. Short wave radiation from the sun penetrates the glass and warms the interior. The warm interior radiates heat as long-wave infrared radiation which cannot penetrate glass. The […]

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