About Winning Hearts and Minds

by Bob Quasius

Today Cafe Con Leche Republicans sent an open letter to Presente.org, which organized a “No Somos Rubios” (‘we are not blonds’) campaign to pressure Marco Rubio to support immigration reform, asking them to cancel their campaign. Name calling, ridiculing last names, etc. are not constructive, and more than a few are offended.

There could not be a more stark contrast in approach than that of Daniela Pelaez, the young valedictorian who was facing deportation, but thanks to help from her elected representatives has now been given a two year reprieve. Daniela and her sister Dayana met with several members of the U.S. Senate and Congress to plead for immigration reform.

Winning on issues like the DREAM Act and immigration reform is about winning hearts and minds. By putting a human face on a problem faced by undocumented youth, in a few minutes these two outstanding young ladies probably accomplished more than months of the “No Somos Rubios” campaign.

I couldn’t help but notice there is no Presente campaign against members of Congress or the Senate who have much more of a track record for extreme positions on immigration than Marco Rubio, who has held more moderate views in the past, and recently has asked his colleagues to tone down their rhetoric, and Senator Rubio himself has shown more openness to moderate his stance.

Can we soon expect a “No Somos Lamar Smith” or “No Somos Steve King” campaign from Presente? How about a “No Somos Blancos” (‘we aren’t whites’) since Smith and King both have gray hair? I’m not holding my breath waiting.

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