Cafe Con Leche Republicans is Both Pro-Immigrant and Pro-life

Cafe Con Leche Republicans is known as a conservative organization that supports immigration reform based on conservative free market capitalism principles.

We tend not to take positions on social issues, such as gay marriage, marijuana legalization, etc., that are not directly related to our mission. We believe taking official positions on these issues tends to drive away support from those who support immigration reform but might take a different stance on these issues.

Birthright citizenship pro-lifeMany consider abortion a “social issue” but at Cafe Con Leche Republicans, we consider the right to life an issue of the right of unborn children to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”, as stated in our declaration of independence.

We don’t consider an unborn baby a “choice” but rather a human being who deserves protection that all of us already born deserve. Hence, we are unabashedly pro-life. The U.S. Supreme Court stepped well outside of our constitution in interpreting abortion as a privacy issue, and Roe v. Wade must be overturned.

There is a connection between immigration reform and abortion, in that the anti-any-immigrant lobby was founded by and led by population reduction liberals who not only support population reduction via immigration restriction, but also support population reduction via abortion as well.

John Tanton, who founded FAIR, NumbersUSA, CIS, CAPS, etc. is a well known population reduction liberal, who founded a chapter of Planned Parenthood, and served in leadership roles in Zero Population Growth,  the Sierra Club, and other environmental groups.