Cafe Con Leche Republicans Mission Statement

cafe con leche republicansBackground

America has a great tradition of welcoming immigrants, but sadly in recent years there has been an increasing level of hostility towards all immigrants and groups widely perceived as immigrants, such as Latinos. Cafe Con Leche Republicans doesn’t believe this is healthy for anyone, as immigrants are critical to building our economy, as well as growing the GOP due to demographic changes.

Mission of Cafe Con Leche Republicans
The mission of Cafe Con Leche Republicans is to make America and particularly the Republican Party, more welcoming to “New Immigrants” through political activism, “in-reach” and education within the Republican Party, and lobbying government to adopt more immigrant friendly policies. We also seek to bring more conservative and moderate “New Americans” to the Republican Party. This combination of efforts will strengthen the Republican Party, and lead more Republicans to embrace more welcoming policies for immigrants and their families.

Guiding Principles of Cafe Con Leche Republicans
We have adopted a set of guiding principles to guide how we interact with others.

The Republican Party
Many studies show that immigrants are more conservative than Americans in general, and have higher than average levels of motivation, as demonstrated first by their motivation to leave their home countries to pursue a piece of the American dream, and further by business start-up rates double the average, often despite adequate access to capital.

After a period of sustained outreach and a serious effort at immigration reform, President Bush was able to receive over 40% of the Hispanic vote. However, in recent years Republican support among Republicans has dropped by almost half. Given high rates of business start-ups, conservative values, etc. immigrants should find more of a home in the Republican Party, and we think President Bush was on the right track.

The Republican Party is deeply divided on immigration reform. A recent PEW Research study shows found that 49% of “staunch conservatives” are in favor of immigration reform and 49% against, 58% of “main street Republicans” in support, and 66% of Libertarians support immigration reform including a path to legalization for unauthorized immigrants who pay fines, back taxes, etc.

We believe only a very small percentage of Republicans are actually Nativists or extensively pander to Nativists, and the large majority of those opposed to immigration reform have been misled with bad statistics, myths, and sometimes outright lies.

Unfortunately, this shrill anti-immigrant minority is also the most vocal, and this fosters the perception that the Republican party is anti-immigrant. We seek to add our voice of moderation within the party through our activism within the party and electoral process. In recent years many “New Americans” have shunned the Republican Party due to the perception that the party is anti-immigrant, a trend we intend to reverse.