Cafe Con Leche Republicans Guiding Principles

cafe con leche republicansCafe Con Leche Republicans is a Republican organization, and the Republican Party is the party of Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan. We support the Republican Party, though we may disagree at times on some issues. Where we disagree on the issues, we seek to educate others, influencing them in a positive and respectful manner.

To maintain our credibility as a Republican organization, our organization will always be led by Republicans, though we also welcome others who share our mission and most of our values as members. We define ourselves by political party affiliation, mission, and guiding principles, and not by our ethnicity. We respect those who have honest differences of opinion with us, and we seek to win over their hearts and minds to accomplish our mission.

Our organization is a ‘big tent.’ Ronald Reagan famously stated: “The person who agrees with you 80 percent of the time is a friend and an ally – not a 20 percent traitor.” We respect those among our leadership and members whose positions differ from those of the organization, except where those positions differ substantially from our mission.

We empower New Americans to participate in the Republican Party, through education about the political process. New Americans are immigrants and their U.S. born family who are still in the process of acculturation, as well as those from outside the mainstream, such as Puerto Ricans who have moved to the U.S. recently. We encourage the Republican Party to embrace more New Americans, through education and “in-reach”, and participation in party activism to elect leaders who will embrace New Americans.

We respect the U.S. constitution and the rule of law, even as we seek to reform our laws to achieve our mission. We don’t condone illegal immigration, neither do we demonize undocumented immigrants. We seek humane immigration reform based on free market principles and family unity. We oppose both amnesty and mass deportation, instead seeking middle ground that balances personal responsibility with the needs of our economy and family unification.

Strong border security is essential for national defense. We do not support ‘open borders’, and a properly functioning legal immigration system enhances border security by providing an entry line for those who seek to work as guests or join with family. Conversely, a legal immigration system that is severely disconnected from free market needs is a root cause of illegal immigration.

We support policies and laws that foster a welcoming environment for immigrants and their families, and oppose laws that have the intent or effect of erecting obstacles for honest hard working immigrants. English is already the de facto official language of the U.S., and numerous studies show overwhelmingly that immigrants believe learning English is very important. We oppose policies that seek to promote English usage by punishing immigrants who are not proficient in English by denying services, etc. Instead, government should facilitate English classes for immigrants.

We don’t hesitate to criticize politicians who use rhetoric that demeans immigrants and their families, or propose harsh solutions that hurt immigrants and their families. We strive to maintain a balance of criticism of the small minority of politicians who demonstrate anti-immigrant attitudes with constructive means of achieving our mission, such as education and “in-reach.”

Birthright citizenship was part of America’s ‘rule of law’ before the United States was even a nation, and the 14th amendment as part of our constitution is also part of the ‘rule of law’ and we oppose all attempts to reinterpret the 14th amendment to exclude children born of immigrants.

Immigration is unquestionably a power of the federal government, not the states, and we oppose states enacting their own immigration laws in violation of our constitution and the ‘rule of law.’ We also oppose ‘enforcement on steroids’ to address illegal immigration, as this massive expansion of government power and intrusion into our lives is contrary to the concept of limited government and individual freedom that we embrace as Republicans.