Bob Quasius

Bob Quasius

Bob Quasius is the founder of Café Con Leche Republicans. Bob has been a Republican activist for over 20 years, in NJ, CT, CO, MN, NE, and IA, as a candidate, a county Republican treasurer, and now president of Cafe Con Leche Republicans.

Originally Bob, like many conservative Republicans, did not support immigration reform. After navigating the legal system to bring his wife Aida to the U.S., and learning more about our broken immigration system, Bob has come full circle. Bob believes if he can be persuaded with facts and logical argument, then so too can many other conservatives who oppose immigration reform without knowing all the relevant facts.

As a long term Republican activist, and now husband of a legal immigrant from Honduras, Bob’s unique perspective led him to realize the GOP is missing an opportunity to attract “new Americans” to the Republican Party, due to lack of understanding and engagement. The paradigm shift came after realizing that our legal immigration system cannot meet our economic needs, and a total overhaul is needed.

Bob has over 30 years of experience first as an electrical engineer, progressing into various leadership roles, mostly with Fortune 500 corporations. Bob is married to his wife Aida, a legal immigrant from Honduras, and lives in Marshall, MN with their three children.

Bob is frequently quoted in the news media talking about the politics of immigration, and has published columns in Fox News and World Net Daily.

You can learn more about Bob Quasius at his personal blog.